Hale Hentges’ fiancé gave him grief about losing his helmet

Alabama tight end says he would have tried to make the block even naked

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way about a rule, but at least Alabama tight end Hale Hentges didnt get a penalty.

Instead, he had to deal with his fiancé.

Against Louisville, Hentges was blocking for junior running back Josh Jacobs on his 18-yard touchdown run when his helmet was ripped off.

Per NCAA rules, if a player's helmet comes off during a play hes expected to stop participating immediately. Otherwise its a penalty.

Hentges kept going. He didnt know he could have been flagged.

Its just natural instinct, he said. You definitely dont think, Im just going to completely stop and stand still at that moment. But Im glad that they didnt call a penalty there because that would have negated Joshs big run.

I just try to sacrifice for my teammates. Even if I wasnt wearing anything, Id still try and go lay a block for Josh because thats how I feel about him and I want our team to win.

Apparently Halesfiancé felt differently. Not only does she not want want him to play naked, but with a helmet at all times.

My fiancé probably gave it to me the worst because she was like Youre going to get hurt out there, Hentges said. Protect your head, stuff like that. Im like, You dont think about that in the moment, you just try to make a play. 

Jacobs didnt even notice that Hentges lost his helmet until he was watching the game film.

That just shows you the type of person he is, the running back said. He grinds every day, and he'll give you his last. So shout out to him." 

Josh, whos really good about giving credit where credit is due, He just came up and told me, Thats an awesome play, and Thanks for making that happen, Hentges said. When you have teammates like that, it really makes playing football fun because you understand that what Im doing is really important to the team and were having fun out here, were making plays for each other, and thats something that Josh and a lot of our other teammates do and thats why we have such a great, cohesive team.

As for the coaches, they told him of the rule and used it as a teaching moment for the whole team. While they appreciated the effort, safety is the primary concern.

The refs didnt end up saying anything, Hentges said. You could have easily called a penalty for my helmet popping off in the first place because the defender took it off me with hands to the face. I think it was a good no-call.


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