Report: Alabama hiring former Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops

Nick Saban and the Stoops family have a relationship that goes back to when both were in Ohio

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — According to a report, Nick Saban is finalizing a deal to hire Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops for a off-field position.

USA Today added that the off-field position isn't official yet.

Mike Stoops, 56, is the younger brother of former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops and brother of Kentucky coach Mark Stoops.

He had been the Sooners’ defensive coordinator since 2012, after being Arizona’s head coach from 2004-11, going 41-50. Mike Stoops had previous served as the Sooner's co-defensive coordinator and assistant head coach from 1999-2003, during which Oklahoma won the 2000 national title.

Alabama has a rich history of late of hiring former head coaches as analysts, who either get promoted into the staff or are hired away for lucrative positions. Former Tennessee coach Butch Jones is currently on the extended football staff, while former analyst Steve Sarkisian i expected to be named the new offensive coordinator.

Both coordinators last season, Mike Locksley and Tosh Lupoi, were originally hired by Alabama as analysts. All indications are that Pete Golding will replace Lupoi.

Saban has a long history with the Stoops family, dating back to when he used to scout in Ohio. Mike's father Ron was a prominent high school coach.

"Ron was a really good friend, defensive coordinator at Cardinal Mooney, and his uncle Bob, you know, I call him, which is Bob's uncle, was the head coach at South High School in Youngstown, and that was my recruiting area for many, many years" Saban said. "And Ron was just a fantastic person and a really good coach and very well respected by all the players that he coached. And Bob was a good friend. And he's a little different than Ron in that he was a little bit of a free spirit.

"I remember that when I would be recruiting there, most of the time when the schools close you have to wait until people get home from work before you can go do home visits at night. I was an assistant at this time. So I used to meet Bob at the boiler room at South High School and used to play cards, gin rummy, until I could go on a home visit. That was the kind of relationship I've had with them. When all these guys played at Iowa, the whole family — I'm coaching at Michigan State as a defensive coordinator, the whole family would come to Michigan State and they'd all come to the house after the game. So this is a relationship that goes way back for many, many years."

One famous story regarding Saban and Stoops family had to do with he and Uncle Bob not realizing that the bar they were in had been held up.

"Talk of the Town," Saban said. "That was the name of the bar. Uncle Bob and I were sitting at the bar and we were talking football. He was the coach at South High School at the time. It was kind of a round bar, so it wasn't like you could see everything that was happening. We were talking football and we were arguing about something, I don't know. We were drawing up stuff and a guy comes in with a shotgun and holds the place up. Well, we keep arguing and we keep talking. The police come and they ask us about the robbery, and we say 'What robbery?' So that was kind of the story. The place got robbed and we didn't even know it. I don't know if we were that focused or if we were just having that much fun talking about football."