What LSU coach Ed Orgeron had to say about Alabama after the 29-0 beat-down

Tigers' coach fell to 0-6 against Alabama all-time; LSU’s streak of 100‐yard rushing games was snapped at 25 games

BATON ROUGE, La. — There wasn't a lot for LSU coach Ed Orgeron to say after the 29-0 loss to Alabama at Tiger Stadium on Saturday night:

“I give them credit. They are a good team. We got beat at the line of scrimmage. We couldn’t block their defensive line. 281 yards rushing for Alabama, 12 yards rushing for us. That’s not a very good night. We have to move forward. We have a chance to have a hell of a season. We’ll look at this on Tell the Truth Monday and get better and move on to Arkansas and finish very strong. This team has a chance to have a very good season, go to a big bowl, that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

On what he saw from LSU’s offensive line against Alabama ...

“Our offensive line was getting beaten one-on-one. We had max protection. Those guys were beating us. They stunned us. We tried everything we possibly could -- go full wide, max protection. We just got beat.”

On what his coaching staff had planned to do to exploit Alabama’s defense ...

“We felt that we could protect, throw the ball quick, short easy throws. We thought that we could run the football outside zone, get some stuff going. We didn’t cut well on the quicks. We got passes blocked. We just didn’t execute.”

On Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s performance tonight against LSU ...

“He’s a great player. He made some tremendous plays tonight. Their guys covered. The one he threw down the sideline and that run. He’s one of the best players I’ve seen. I give him credit.”

Transcript courtesy of LSU sports information