What Texas A&M said after losing 45-23 at Alabama

Punter Braden Mann's NCAA record one of the few bright sports for Texas A&M

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Texas A&M seemed poised to keep pace with the Alabama offense for a while, but when the Aggies scored field goals the Crimson Tide had touchdowns en route to a 45-23 victory.

One of the bright spots for the visiting team was junior punter Braden Mann set an NCAA record by averaging 60.8 yards per punt on five punts against the Crimson Tide Tide. The previous record was 60.4 yards set by Lee Johnson of BYU against Wyoming on Oct. 8, 1983 and Quinn Sharp of Oklahoma State against Nebraska on Oct. 23, 2010.

Here's some of what the Aggies had to say afterward:

Coach Jimbo Fisher

“First, I'd like to say congratulations to Alabama. They've got a heck of a football team. They did a great job, and their players played really well. They made the key plays in the game at the times when momentum was swinging in the game. We lost the ball at times, had opportunities to score points. I wish we had gotten a touchdown or so more in the first half. Had an opportunity to make it a one score game with about three minutes in the half, we're 21-13, and they get a two minute drive, a big play. We gave up too many of those. We've got to tackle better in space. They made a heck of a play on the interception right before half to get a field goal. But again, I thought our kids played hard. I thought we competed. We've got to understand when there are momentum swings. We had a couple short field where we were at their 40 or our own 40 or 50 midfield, and it was still a one or two score game, and we had opportunities to move the ball, and we just didn't. And then we'd punt it down and the defense would give up two or three big plays and score. But then we would come back and score again right after that. We had opportunities to bring it to a one or two score game and keep the pressure back. We just didn't do it.”

On Kellen Mond’s performance in the game:

“I thought he competed and played very well. We had some designed runs, some were coming out. They were trying to rush so hard. They created rush wings. That's something when you play a running quarterback, just like with Tua a couple times, those guys get out. You've got to be careful how you rush them. But I thought he competed well. The first pass he had a guy wide open. He was trying to get it to him as he was getting hit trying to get it forward and that guy makes a heck of a pick. The second one, I thought he made a great throw. I've got to see it. He let it go. That was where we wanted to go with the ball. That was the hole we wanted. I can't wait to see what happened on that, but I thought he competed well. There were some opportunities on a couple of throws. I know a couple of decisions I thought he could have come back, but when you play quarterback that always happens. I mean there were only two throws. We had an opportunity. I thought we let one get away from us a little play action route right about midfield down about their 30. We had a shot and we just missed Jhamon (Ausbon) just a hair on a big play that really could have been a critical play in the game. That's what I'm talking about. We've got to keep on fighting for those inches and make it, but overall I thought he competed and played a very solid game.”

On why he thought Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was so effective:

“He's good. I mean he's good. He's got good people around him. I mean he's got really good people around him, and we tried to pressure him and he scrambled and they've got a good scheme, and they did a good job. He was very effective at what he did, and we've got to play better. There's no doubt.”

Punter Braden Mann

On setting an NCAA record (averaging 60.8 yards on five punts):

“I could have done a lot things better. It's cool to have a record but I have to put my team in a position to do better - I've got to put more punts inside the 20. The individual stats are alright but I have to have a better game as far as field-position.”

Mood in locker room after game:

“This is just one step closer to who we're becoming. We're trying to be a better team at the end of the season than we were at the beginning. ”

Quarterback Kellen Mond

On how Alabama's defense made things difficult:

“They mixed up bunch of their defenses, tried to disguise some stuff. A lot of the stuff we saw in practice. There was a little bit of inconsistencies with me. I've got to trust my eyes a little bit better. ”

On disappointment of getting field goals instead of touchdowns:

“That was something that we practiced a lot. We knew going into this game, it was going to be difficult. We continue to play no matter what, though. ”