CBS analyst: Sumlin's A&M teams weren't 'well prepared'

Danielson: 'I thought they were playing flaky football'

With Arizona off to a disappointing 0-2 start, first-year coach Kevin Sumlin has been a frequent target of national media after being generally regarded as a nice hire for the Wildcats.

ESPN's Rece Davis, on ESPNU radio Monday, mentioned Arizona/Sumlin/Khalil Tate as his most disappointing development in college football through two weeks ... at least until he was reminded about Florida State's struggles.

On Tuesday morning, during the Full Ride show on ESPNU's SiriusXM channel, hosts Chris Childers and Rick Neuheisel talked about Sumlin during their Coaches Stock Report segment -- and it wasn't because Sumlin's stock was going up.

Said Childers: "That team looks lost, it looks bewildered ... they looked a hell of lot better with RichRod than they do with Kevin Sumlin."

Childers then played a clip a Monday interview with CBS analyst Gary Danielson, who was talking about Texas A&M. The Aggies fired Sumlin after last season and brought in Florida State's Jimbo Fisher, whose team nearly upset No. 2 Clemson last week. A&M lost 28-26 after a two-point conversion attempt failed in the final minute.

Danielson transitioned into talking about Sumlin's tenure at A&M.

"This is always tough. You know, Kevin Sumlin is a friend," Danielson said.

"But I never thought they were well-prepared. I just have to be honest. I thought they were playing flaky football. I thought their fundamentals had deteriorated. They never balanced their offense with their defense. And anybody knows, in this league (SEC), you have to have a defense that travels. You have to build your offense to protect your defense. And I thought the way they were playing was never going to work."

Last week, ESPN's David Pollack gushed about the intensity of practices at A&M under Fisher as compared to under Sumlin.

Sumlin did enter Arizona with a career mark of 86-43 in 10 seasons -- four at Houston, six at Texas A&M -- so he has done some things right. But he didn't win enough with the Aggies, not getting past eight wins in each of the past four seasons, and the slow start at Arizona makes him an easy target.