Rookie Dane Cruikshank scores NFL touchdown on trick play

Cruikshank was a fifth-round pick in 2018

Former Arizona Wildcats defensive back Dane Cruikshank, a rookie for the Tennessee Titans, scored his first NFL touchdown on Sunday.

The Titans opted for a fake punt after being stopped on their initial possession of the game. Kevin Byard, an up-back protecting the punter, caught the snap and lofted the ball to Cruikshank, who was lined up wide as a gunner on coverage.

Cruickshank was wide open on the right sideline, catching the ball and outracing a Houston Texans player, as well as the punt returner, to get into the end zone for a 66-yard score.

"I can run, now," he said with a smile after the game.

"They called the play in the huddle. They said if we get this look, this is what we're going to run. We got the look and we perfected it."

Tennessee won 20-17.

Check it out below and click here for a postgame interview: