Cal Football: The Most-Played Rivalries in College Football

Wisconsin and Minnesota play for Paul Bunyan's Axe. They used to play for a Slab of Bacon.Photo by Mike De Sisti

The Big Game is near the top of the list for rivalries involving FBS schools

Lehigh and Lafayette have played each other 153 times for the most-played Division I rivalry, but they are FCS teams.

Last Saturday Amherst beat Williams in the 133rd edition of that series, but they are Division III schools.

The Cal-Stanford series is near the top of the list for most played games involving FBS teams. Here are the top 10 most-played FBS rivalries, starting with the number of times the teams have met, with the year of the first game in parentheses

127 – Wisconsin-Minnesota (1890)

123 – Miami-Ohio-Cincinnati (1888)

122 – North Carolina-Virginia (1892)

122 – Georgia-Auburn (1892)

121 – Oregon-Oregon State (1894)

120Cal-Stanford (1892)

120 – Purdue-Indiana (1891)

120 – Missouri-Kansas (1891, have not played since 2011)

118 – Army-Navy (1890)

118 – Texas-Texas A&M (1894, have not played since 2011)

Yes, Cal and Stanford have played each other more often than Army has played Navy.