Cal Football Video: `It's About Winning - That's Why We Do Everything We Do'

Bears come close, but until they win they cannot say they have closed the gap in the Big Game rivalry

Asked after a 23-13 Big Game loss if Cal is closing the gap on Stanford, coach Justin Wilcox said the Bears are simply trying to improve.

"We know Stanford has a heck of a program. They've been winning a long time," he said. "Each and every week we're trying to improve. And yeah, it means winning. At the end of the day it's about winning. That's why we do everything we do."

Cal came close on Saturday, but now has dropped nine in a row to the Cardinal.

No. 1-1

Has anyone asked Coach Wilcox how he thinks the Bears have improved on offense? It looks like they put emphasis on not turning the ball over. In so doing they shortened the routes and emphasized the run. So much so, that Cal can never stretch the field with deep threats. There are two problems, they don’t have the receiving talent but on the occasions when they are open, and there were a few yesterday, Garner doesn’t have the arm strength or accuracy to get them the ball.

While they may have improved in ball safety, their passing offense is their biggest problem and that has not improved.