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Veteran Bay Area college sports writers start website

We are Jeff Faraudo and Jake Curtis, a pair of long-time Bay Area sports writers who offer a little different perspective on things and feel that sports writers should entertain as well as inform. Hey, it’s a game, and we want you to be involved.

We have been covering Bay Area college sports since the early 1980s, previously at the Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle, and we are now introducing our one-stop website for Cal sports – Cal Bears Maven -- which promises to be informative, fun and just a bit different. Our site will focus on football and basketball, but we’ll also keep tabs on the best of the Bears in other sports.

You will have a chance to impart your wisdom directly onto the site and have a say in what appears. You think you’re clever? Well, we’ll see.

So come along with us for the bumpy ride that is Cal sports, as we cover, analyze and laugh about all things Cal.

For more information about us, click on the “About Us” room above.

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Jeff Faraudo
Jeff Faraudo


Thanks all for for checking out our new website. Some familiar names from my old BearTalk newspaper blog days. Welcome back! Hope you are enjoying what you've seen so far and spread the word that we are up and running and excited to bring you coverage of the Golden Bears.


We missed you covering Cal sports. So glad that you're back at it with your great insights and sound reporting.


Looking forward to seeing some big things from you guys! Here's a bunch of questions I have:

  1. Any chance to get some interviews with McIllwain? Here's a guy that could actually be a starting QB and all we ever see is Bowers. Same could be said about Garbers, too. We've seen interviews with the new Michigan boys, but still no interview with BM.

  2. What was going on with our wide receiver corps? Stuff is not adding up. Wharton's disappearance, 3 of our top receivers all leave still seems strange, and were not getting any insight about their leaving to be closer to home. Not buying that.

  3. Haven't heard much about Malik in practice either. He's a talented and well-spoken guy who's always fun and entertaining.

There ya go. Wishing you guys the best!



Hey JF, it's good to see you back online.