Where Does Alec Burks Rank Among Tad Boyle's Best Players?

Alec Burks has a new contract, but he hasn't had the career I was expecting

Alec Burks signed a one-year contract with the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday, which means there likely will be four Tad Boyle players in the NBA  when the season starts this fall. The others are Spencer Dinwiddie, Derrick White and Andre Roberson. 

The 12th pick in the 2011 NBA draft, Burks was a comically overlooked high school player, probably because he played in Grandview, Missouri, near Kansas City. Despite averaging 23 points per game, Burks was a three-star prospect and barely cracked the top 200 in his high school rankings. 

He was an immediate star at CU. He was the Big 12 freshman of the year in 2010, was first-team All-Big 12 in 2011, and was off to the lottery. Burks has had a decent NBA career, with career averages of 8.8 points and 3.7 rebounds, mostly off the bench for the Jazz. 

That's not bad, it's just that I thought he'd have a career more like the one Spencer Dinwiddie is having. Dinwiddie has averaged 11 points a game for his career, and is coming off a year where he averaged 16.8 points and 4.6 assists per game. 

And then you've got Derrick White, who blew up for the Spurs during the playoffs and averaged 9.9 points, 3.9 rebounds and 3.7 assists this season. 

Which means that out of the four Buffaloes in the NBA right now, the only one Burks is better than is Andre Roberson, although that may even be debatable. Burks is a bad shooter. His field goal percentage has hovered in the low 40s for most of his career, peaking at 45.7 in 2013. 

It looks like the Warriors roster is pretty much set now. Maybe Burks can find a role there and get back to the player he was from 2013-15, when he was averaging 13-14 ppg.