5 Things We Learned from Mel Tucker's First Spring at Colorado

CU might have some running backs after all

Mel Tucker's first spring as Colorado football coach is in the books. Here are five things we learned.

1. Jaren Mangham is good

The freshman from Detroit was a four-star prospect, so you figured he'd be a factor in the wide-open running back race for CU this year. During spring ball, running backs coach Darian Hagan said Mangham was the team's most physical runner, and after he exploded in the spring game, it's not a stretch to say he's the best one. That said, it appears CU has a few options at this position, which was a major question mark entering the spring. 

2. Mel Tucker runs a tight ship

This is one of those things that could be said of most coaches, but it seems especially true of Tucker, who harped on players about pace and physicality all throughout spring practices. We'll know a lot more in the fall, obviously, but if I had to bet on it, I'd bet CU doesn't have a lot of penalties this year. 

3. Steven Montez is not a spring guy

Montez has never had a good spring game at Colorado, so why should he start this year? Clearly, Montez is the starting quarterback, but he wasn't necessarily the best CU quarterback during the spring game, looking a little off on deep balls and trying to jam passes into coverage. Here's guessing he looks a little better come August. 

4. Mekhi Blackmon is a playmaker

Cornerback Mekhi Blackmon had two interceptions -- one of which he ran back for a touchdown -- to go with a pass breakup and a couple of tackles on Saturday. A junior, Blackmon is only 160 pounds, which helps explain why he was at College of San Mateo for the last two years. Blackmon started the spring as a nickel back and by the end of it had been moved to corner. Clearly, the coaching staff sees a budding playmaker here. 

5. The tight end is back

The Buffaloes haven't gotten a lot out of the tight end position in recent years, but after spring ball it's clear that position is going to play a large role in the offense this season. Is that good? Who knows! But the way football is played these days, you can hardly afford not to have a good one. 

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The Pounder
The Pounder

Mangham is the only one of the bunch who looks like an NFL running back. We'll be lucky to have him four years.