Grading Quarterback Shea Patterson Against Nebraska

Patterson did well in the few spots he was needed

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Saturday against Nebraska wasn't too stressful for quarterback Shea Patterson. I'm pretty sure the Wolverines could have beaten Nebraska with me at quarterback. That's not to say Patterson was bad, he wasn't at all, but Michigan dominated Nebraska in every single aspect.

Most of the throws that Patterson was asked to make were underneath routes or in advantageous situations for the offense. The Wolverines were running the ball so well they really didn't have many stressful situations.

Patterson showed off his usual strong throws to the boundaries and he also had a few plays that he probably wishes he could have back.

On the day Patterson was 15/22 with 120 passing yards, 1 TD, 0 INTs, a passer rating of 129.0 and a QBR of 59.5.

In total, Patterson had 18 good or neutral plays, four bad plays and one great play.

His bad plays were not detrimental, more of just plays or throws that he would want to have back.

His one touchdown on the day came on about the easiest touchdown throw you will ever get in college football. The Nebraska defender slipped while guarding tight end Zach Gentry and he couldn't have been more wide open.

His best throw of the day came in the second quarter on the opening play of the fifth drive. Nico Collins ran a deep out route to the sideline and Patterson put the ball right where it had to be for a great connection and gain of 23 yards.

Overall, it was a fantastic performance for the Wolverines and Patterson did a good job of taking what the Cornhuskers were giving him and making them pay. For Patterson's performance against Nebraska he gets a grade of 83/100.