Grading Quarterback Shea Patterson Against Wisconsin

Shea Patterson and Michigan crushed No. 15 Wisconsin

Michigan’s last game against Wisconsin was the game fans have been waiting for.

The game where Michigan fans could confidently say “we have a quarterback.” Michigan absolutely decimated Wisconsin last week 38-13. Michigan did a great job of managing the game and not asking Patterson to do too much. Patterson only threw the ball 21 times on the day.

Patterson executed the offense well and picked up a lot of 3rd and shorts that are crucial to keeping drives going. The Wolverines had 21 first downs compared to 11 from Wisconsin. That means Michigan had one first down for every time Patterson threw the ball. That is impressive.

In total, Patterson was 14/21 with 124 passing yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs, 62.2 QBR and a passer rating of 116.3. That is a stat line that you might typically seem from a Wisconsin quarterback.

The most exciting thing for Michigan fans was Patterson’s success on the ground. He ran nine times for 90 yards and also added a rushing touchdown. The 81 yard run he had certainly helped those stats, but Patterson and the Michigan offense found success a lot with the read options, especially when Patterson kept it.

For the day, Patterson had 8 good plays, 16 neutral plays, 4 bad plays and 1 great play.

Michigan was killing Wisconsin with the efficient passes and had a lot of easy chances to pick up first downs because of their ability to run the ball.

Patterson’s biggest play of the day was his 81 yard rush on a great read. He showed off the wheels before eventually being brought down in the red zone.

Later on, Patterson did a good job of finding Eubanks in the middle of the zone. It was a good throw and a show of his awareness to know where the hole in the zone would be.

When you have a running quarterback who likes to make plays by scrambling in the pocket, you have to live with the quarterback trying to do too much sometimes. That is exactly what happened here.

On this play, U-M did not score but Patterson threw a perfect jump ball to Nico Collins in the corner of the end zone. It was flawless coverage by the Wisconsin defender but the ball was right where you would want the pass to be.

Patterson scored a 86/100 for the day. He took advantage of good field position and stayed within the Michigan offense for the most part. If the rest of the Michigan team plays as well as they did Saturday against Wisconsin, this is all they will need from Patterson.