MMQB: Devin Gardner impressed by Devin Bush's performance

Former Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner joins Inside the Huddle’s Michael Spath to break down Saturday's game.

Former Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner joins Inside the Huddle’s Michael Spath to break down Saturday's game.

Devin Bush’s speed and ability to cover ground makes the entire Michigan defense look faster, Devin Gardner shared on WTKA Monday. You can hear all three segmentshere,hereandhere.

Devin Gardner on Michigan using two quarterbacks:

**“**I think that it can work. Should Michigan support it? I don’t think they should, and I say that because usually when you do something like that, it’s because one guy is so much more explosive in one area than the other guy that you’ve kinda got to use those skills, right? For me and Denard [Robinson], he was so explosive as a runner and I was a capable passer and things like that. You’ve gotta kinda try to throw some wrinkles in there, just so the defense sees something different and especially the way our offense was built, where it was heavy run with Denard as the primary back. It’s nice to see like a changeup and give Denard kind of a break and try to be successful. In practice, you’ve got to earn the trust of the coaches, that they can call those types of things and you won’t make mistakes and it’ll be positive plays. I don’t see a reason for that to happen here. There’s no reason to stop the flow of a Shea Patterson who’s playing very well, you know, he’s doing all that needs to be done, just to get a few reps here and there. I think that would be more detrimental to us than it would be beneficial. As far as a package goes, where [Dylan McCaffrey]’s in and out, often three or four times a game, nah, I don’t think that’s something Michigan needs to do and I don’t think that’s something Michigan should do.”

Devin Gardner on Michigan’s defense:

“I think they were jacked, wired, and ready to play. They heard all the bad talk about the team in general, about the offense, and well, our defense is playing well but they haven’t played anybody, look what Notre Dame did to them early even though we made it clear that three quarters of that we dominated Notre Dame on defense, but I think they just flew around and they did the things that they always do. It was kind of magnified because it’s the first Big Ten game and you never get a chance to make a first impression, you never get a second chance to do that and I think their first impression on the Big Ten was phenomenal. Like we continue to go back to so we can keep it in context, this wasn’t a bad team even though they hadn’t won a game yet. This is a team that’s been successful on offense even though they have a young quarterback and they’ve been successful defensively. On both sides of the ball, we dominated them and that’s something to be encouraged about. I think that our defense flying around, letting loose.”

Devin Gardner on Devin Bush:

“I felt like he played as close to a perfect game as you can play as a linebacker. With Devin Bush, the thing that helps our defense so much, it was kind of like a Jabrill Peppers kind of effect, where he brings our team speed defensively up so much. When you’ve got a middle linebacker that can fly left to right, sideline to sideline, get back, get forward, attack the run with that kind of speed, it makes the entire defense look faster. With Jabrill Peppers when we had him, they used him in a lot of different ways and it seemed like we had 15 guys on the field sometimes. It’s like, wow. And that’s what speed can do to you. Speed kills and when you have a middle linebacker with that kind of speed, it helps guys who are also very fast play faster and make plays and it’s great for our defense.”

Devin Gardner on true freshman Aidan Hutchinson:

“As a true freshman, you have some cases where this guy is just so good we’ve got to get him on the field, but usually, as a true freshman you’re just in sweats, you’re not really dressing for many games, you’re not even traveling with the team, you’re just getting stronger and getting ready to play. Here’s a guy who’s getting some reps and is making the most of his opportunities and is doing very well. It’s encouraging for the future of the defensive end position at the university.”

Devin Gardner on Hutchinson again:

“I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s the best freshman, that’s a lot of pressure, the best freshman defensive end to ever play at the University of Michigan. But if he continues to play like this, it’s going to be hard to argue with and it’s just going to continue to boost him for the future. He’s got a lot more games get a chance to show what he can do and I expect him to continue to perform well.”

Devin Gardner on the competition in Michigan’s secondary:

“It’s clear that the competition is raging on and they’re both playing well, Brandon Watson and Lavert Hill, and David Long’s also playing well. The more weapons you have as far as defense goes, where you can send different guys because the good receivers go into games and they’re looking at, ‘alright, he’s going to be covering me’. ‘He covers to the boundary or he covers to the field or he’s their best corner so I’m the best receiver’, you know, that type of thing, and they look at that technique. But when you can throw another guy at him and it’s not who he watched on film and things like that, that makes it tough on a receiver. We’ve got three guys that can cover and that do their job so that’s encouraging.”

Devin Gardner on Khaleke Hudson’s ejection:

“I‘ll keep saying it, that if it’s not malicious, and you can tell if something’s malicious and trying to end a guy’s career or really hurt him, that’s when a guy should be ejected and that’s when that type of thing should happen but [Hudson] wasn’t malicious and ok, maybe he hit the wrong target area. It’s very difficult as a man moving very fast to hit a guy, have a target, hitting it, and and now the offensive guy shrinks and now your target area is changed as you’re already tackling him. It’s tough to do and I don’t know what to say.”