MMQB: Devin Gardner Says Devin Bush Backed Up His Actions With His Play

Former Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner joins Inside the Huddle’s Michael Spath to break down Saturday's game.

Former Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner joins Inside the Huddle’s Michael Spath to break down Saturday's game.

Devin Bush should be complimented for not backing down during the pre-game incident, Devin Gardner shared on WTKA Monday. You can hear all four segmentshere,here,hereandhere.

Devin Gardner on the pre-game incident involving Devin Bush:

“From what I understand, they were ten minutes late on their walkthrough they usually do, and Michigan had already taken the field. I think we have to look at this from the perspective of these players. If Devin Bush is standing on the field, he sees those guys coming, he jogs off, that’s a mental advantage Michigan State just gained after already dominating the series for 10 years. They go back into the locker room [thinking], ‘yeah did you see him cower? You see him run off the field? He’s scared of us. We’ve still got him.’ Devin Bush wasn’t having any of that and a couple other players as well. He stands there. Of course he wasn’t nice about, you know, breaking up their line because they didn’t choose to stop. And this is what the rivalry is about. They push him, they clothesline him, whatever you want to call it. He responds by defacing their field, which would have been defaced because there was a football game to play and it was raining, so don’t act like he went and knocked down their little statue that they have of the naked guy on their campus. He stepped on the field with his cleats that he’s going to do anyways. So don’t act like he’s just this thug who vandalized something. Did he have to do that? Absolutely not, but they disrespected him and maybe he showed them some disrespect. Maybe, maybe not. He was on the field warming up, they tried to walk through him, he didn’t allow it, and that’s the problem that they had. I don’t think there’s anything else to say about it. Even after the game, he talked about how his emotions kind of got the better of him, but I would have much rather seen that than see him back down and cower. And then we don’t know how this game turns out if Michigan State goes in like, ‘oh, yeah. They’re scared of us again. We’re gonna get them. I don’t care how good they are.’”

Devin Gardner on the difference between this year’s incident and other recent incidents:

“That’s poking the bear. When you’re not very good and you’re gonna come out and do these things. Now I’ve got to back it up. Their best unit is going against me. Now I’ve got to back it up. This is a [Michigan] team that’s played well and [Devin Bush] was provoked. Call it what you want but he was provoked and that’s how he responded. You can’t tell someone how to feel emotionally after they’re provoked and tempers are flaring and it’s very emotional, not to mention that this is a very big rivalry that we have been on the wrong side of. I don’t think you can tell him how to feel and how to respond. For me, if a guy clotheslines me and does the type of things they were doing, we want to fight. He wanted to fight, so I’m glad he refrained from fighting. He had to be held back a little bit, but I mean, really, scratching up their field, that’s so disrespectful, which it was, and I loved it.”

Devin Gardner on the criticism Devin Bush has received:

“Everybody has family members who have done things you don’t really agree with, right? But in public, you defend your brother. You don’t go and say how wrong he was. And then, later on, in the locker room or at home, you say, ‘hey man. Maybe that wasn’t a good idea, whatever.’ But out front, you’re a former Wolverine, a former player, you bled on that field, you gave it everything you got, and a guy who’s proven to give it everything he’s got, and you’re gonna go on national TV, radio, whatever you’re gonna do, and bash him, especially as a former player, it’s ridiculous and you shouldn’t be forgiven for it.”

Devin Gardner on Michigan’s chances against Alabama:

“Tua [Tagovailoa], I mean, he’s not even throwing incompletions. He’s phenomenal. But, our defense has held pretty good quarterbacks to three-of-10 before garbage time for 25 yards and another good quarterback in [Brian] Lewerke five-of-25 for 68 yards. If we were allowing these pretty good quarterbacks to have pretty good days, then I’d be like, ‘ah. A guy like Tua with a great team around him, I don’t think we’d have a chance.' But we’re making these very good quarterbacks look less than, is what we’re making them look. And I think we can really compete, especially with their offense, and it’s gonna be a good game if we were to get that chance. That’s so far from right now that we shouldn’t even talk about it, but the way [Michigan] is playing, it’s warranted that we do give it discussion.”