Answering Your #1 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

The Spartans honoring the flag.  (PHOTO: Sofiya Stumpos)
The Spartans honoring the flag. (PHOTO: Sofiya Stumpos)

Answering Your #1 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Hondo ESPN came out with another story of a Spartan athlete under investigation for a sexual assault this morning. It was Brock Washington. Why did they get that story and not you? Have you dug into yet? Thoughts? Kyle Barnes

First of all you ASS-U-ME I didn’t have the story and hadn’t dug into it. I was well aware of it some time ago. Secondly, I did dig and charges HAVE NOT BEEN filed and it not anywhere certain that they will be. Lastly, I have written before that, in my opinion, it is journalistic malpractice to name people before even being charged. This is still America. If ANYONE is guilty of a crime I want them prosecuted. But what do you want when no charges have been filed? I know that I have two friends who work for ESPN that told me privately today that they thought today’s story was “Bull (excrement).” Not that fact that there is an investigation, but that it was published now and the player was named.

Hondo I ask you to humbly present to Tom Izzo and Mark Dantonio my sentiments. When the ESPN story first came out I was angry at my University and the leadership in the administration and athletics. But as I cringe sounding like the President, I learned so much was, “Fake News” and now I want a fight. Time for MSU to do all to help the victims and root out any that covered up, but this hit job on Tom Izzo and Mark Dantonio really has me rankled. Tom T.

Hondo I am sad for the victim’s, but ESPN is on a witch hunt for MSU. I hope the Spartans never talk to them again. C. Burroughs

Hondo ESPN has simply jumped the shark. They have become TMZ and politics more than sport. At this point, they are no longer relevant. Called and had them turn off of my cable here in Okemos today. T.L. Okemos

Hondo do you think the Spartans are struggling right now or have they found their stride? Carol Litke

They are on a nine-game winning streak. I think they are finding their stride. I do not think they have peaked as of yet, but I do think they are playing their best basketball.

Hondo am I just a nervous person or do the Spartans seem to be in a precarious situation? It just doesn’t feel like time to celebrate in Spartan Nation? Max Dietz

After OSU lost to Penn State last night the Spartans are tied for first in the conference with their destiny in their hands. They are 25-3 (13-2) and as stated above riding a nine-game win streak. Can they get better? For sure. Are they in a precarious situation or is this not a team to celebrate? Not from my vantage point.

Hondo is there a positive on this team that maybe people are not taking notice of? Alex Friday

That is a great question and the answer is yes. MSU is 6-1 on the road in Big Ten play and they have won five straight on the road. That is a very meaningful measure for any team.

Hondo I am not a gambler, but I do think Vegas has the right idea about who wins or loses. Any clue what they are saying the Spartans odds are for winning the national title? Jeff Keenist

The odds now say that MSU is +500 and a co-favorite with Villanova to win the title.

Hondo I know that you hate these questions, but what do you think about Jaren Jackson and his draft resume? Chris Pietro

At Minnesota, 3J scored a career-high 27 points with 10-for-14 shooting in just 22 minutes. Minnesota Coach Richard Pitino said afterward, “He certainly helped his draft status tonight.” 3J can go if he wants, but it is NOT a slam dunk that he is leaving. People laughed when I said it last year with Miles. I am not saying that he is staying, but I am telling you he isn’t thinking about it and he or his parents are not in a hurry for him to go. He is a great basketball player, but a better person.

Hondo I would like you to express my feelings to Coach Tom Izzo. I am an Army veteran and proud to serve my county. I hate politics. As a soldier, you have no ability to be political. You must be willing to die to defend your nation when your President calls, with no acknowledgment of politics. I am proud when I see every player and coach standing with their hand over their hear honoring our nation. I am not political, this is patriotic and I am proud of this team and our coach. Lt. Col. S

Thank you for your service and you just told him of your thoughts. A grateful nation acknowledges our heroes like you.

Hondo do you think Tom Izzo was angry with the tournament folks saying the Spartans are a #3 seed? Greg Reid

What I think doesn’t matter because he addressed it. When asked he told a reporter that, "No politicking for my seed because I really, really, look me in the eye, don't care."

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