Answering Your #1 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Foster Loyer, Thomas Kithier, Vernon Carey, Jr. and Aaron Henry at the MSU vs Purdue game. (PHOTO:  Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1 )
Foster Loyer, Thomas Kithier, Vernon Carey, Jr. and Aaron Henry at the MSU vs Purdue game. (PHOTO: Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1 )

Answering Your #1 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Hondo I saw the AP poll at MSU at #2 and the USA today has MSU at #1. Is this just noise that coaches talk about? What do you think about it? Chris Mallard

Spartans #1 Team in the Nation According to the USA today so I guess ESPN will drop them to a play in team? OK, maybe over the top, but until the dance gets started it is just noise.

Hondo Michigan State has an overall record of 24-3 and is 12-2 in conference play. They were not ranked a No. 1 or 2 seed but as one of the four No. 3 seeds by the early released NCAA tournament seeding. How? Pam Clarke

Because the game has been taken over by computers and talking heads. MSU was fourth and beat a top THREE team and the other two lost. Yet they only move to #2. Total disrespect in my opinion OR a complete admittance that the rankings are a joke and it only matters where you finish at the end of the tournament. I tend to think the second with a strong endorsement of the first.

Hondo, Kenny Goins, what kind of kid is he? Daniel Sorrenson

Super kid. A Star Wars junkie and a great person. He is loved by his teammates and a super glue guy in the locker room.

Hondo how can CBS Sports and USA Today have the Spartans at a No. 3 seed. ESPN has Michigan State as a No. 2 seed. Steve Wade

They are subjective to the creator of the list.

Hondo I admit I am depressed with all of the hate from the media on my Spartans but are we as bad as they act? Do we still have a chance to win the Big Ten? Clarence Smallwood

I will let Tom Izzo talk you off the ledge. He says, "I've always said that you want to be in a position in the last two weeks. You want to be in a position to mathematically be able to win a championship."

Hondo I am curious what you thought when Miles Bridges took his shot vs. Purdue and it went in? Lori Stevens

I 100% thought exactly what Izzo thought. Izzo said after the game that, “He came back to be in these kind of games and try to help us win a championship of some kind. Miles, he got what he deserved.” That was literally what I was thinking.

Hondo I can’t say enough about Cassius Winston. What did you think about the way he played? Mark Britten

I am really impressed with Cassius Winston the young man and player. While I think I am a good judge of what I see every day I think you and I can agree that Izzo is the expert. He said of Cash and his play vs. Purdue that, "The guy that had his best game as a Spartan was Cassius because he guarded, he rebounded, he assisted, and he made some plays."

Hondo with Miles Bridges and talent along with that Magic Johnson smile, is he as loved by his teammates as the fans? Thank you, Nicholas Grenier

While he does get the attention the players are not jealous. They love him. Cassius Winston said it best recently, “Every team has their guy, and Miles Bridges is our guy. We’re gonna live and die by Miles. He definitely wants that moment, that’s what he worked for, what he came back for. We don’t have to nudge him. We just gotta tell him maybe to be a little smarter, that the whole world isn’t on his shoulders.”

Hondo have you spoken to Vernon Carey/his family since his visit? What do you know? George Starnes

I have. An article soon on his visit.

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