Answering Your #2 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Nick Ward.  Photo courtesy of Sofiya  Stumpos.
Nick Ward. Photo courtesy of Sofiya Stumpos.

Answering Your #2 Michigan State BasketballQuestions and Emails...

Hondo this may seem silly, but with Oakland being 0-16 against Michigan State why do they play us? Karen P. Pontiac, MI

Great question. Greg Kampe the Oakland coach is a great coach and wants Oakland to think bigger than Mid Major. He does it because he knows Oakland is good and he isn’t happy just playing nobodies. It is a compliment to him and Izzo that they play.

Hondo is it me or is at No. 2 Michigan St, with 11 straight wins not getting the love or respect they should. Mark Thomas

I do not believe they are nationally getting their deserved love, but who cares as long as they have it in March.

I read in the paper about Bryn Forbes and his battle for custody for his two kids from his girlfriend. I know you have had him on the show a number of times since he left and went pro. Do you have any updates? (Name Withheld)

I withheld the name of the emailer. I am going to take her to task and I thought it best to just leave her name out and say my peace. Bryn has not been accused of a crime. It is a civil matter dealing with his children. Spartan Nation doesn’t report tabloid crap and if that was anywhere other than a tabloid, it makes me sad. I cover sports. If he had committed a crime I would certainly address it, but this is a private family matter. Frankly, the public has no right to this kind of information. I won’t ask Bryn about it and anything I know will not be reported.

With one miss in two games, Nick Ward would appear to me to really be showing his resume to the NBA teams. Am I reading that wrong? It isn’t like he is only shooting once or twice a game. Thanks, Ben Wendt

You are correct. Nick’s profile is growing with every game. He has played himself into a real NBA prospect.

Hondo I read that another reporter this week said of Jaren Jackson, “My hunch is Jackson is almost certainly a one-and-done.” Do you agree? Anthony Reich

I do not think that is how Jaren is thinking now. I can’t say more than that, but last year I was the only person at this point in the season that I thought there was a good chance Miles came back. I do confess after the year when his mother said she hoped he went pro, that only then did I change my mind. I do not think Jackson going is even close to a sure thing. A possibility? No doubt. Sure or even majority lean? No and that is all I can say other than anything can change.

Hey Hondo you said almost immediately after the Kyle Ahrens injury that he would redshirt. I read in the paper this week that has not been decided. Has it changed or do folks not have your sources? Any update would be great. Ken Oaks

They must not have my sources. He is going to redshirt. I am not going to say this again, but I will add this. If for some reason he doesn’t, I will tell my source. How is that? HINT? He is redshirting.

Hondo I recently read an article from a national reporter saying the Miles Bridges hasn’t lived up to his hype. Is that fair? I know that you love him, but I would hope you would be fair. Merry Christmas, Shannon Gorman

Whoever wrote that is clueless. He has nearly the same amount of points per game on a better team in which he doesn’t have to do as much. One pro scout told me last week, “On a team, he has to do less, he is doing even more of the little things and playing better defense. He has helped himself.”

Hondo does the team have confidence in Ward? Sometimes I think they are frustrated with him. Danny Rombauer

Let’s let Miles answer that, “Anytime it's one-on-one with Nick Ward in the post, it's an automatic score." They love him and trust him.

Hondo what do you think is the biggest strength of this Izzo team? By the way, I love listening to you speak at our alumni events prior to the MSU football game. Go Green. Marylyn

I could answer you, but let’s let Joshua Langford, "We're a very selfless team, everybody cares about winning, about each other. It doesn't matter who scores or who gets the most shots. As long as you win, everybody will be successful in the end." That is the backbone of this team. They don’t care who does, it just get it done and win.

Hondo you said that the Spartans biggest opponent until they get to the NCAA tournament I themselves. Can you explain that? Troy Cook

I sure can. They are the best team that they will face until late in the dance. Each game the battle is against themselves to stay motivated and on task. Cassius Winston said it best, “We are a highly-ranked team, so every night somebody's going to be coming for our spot, coming to knock us off our pedestal. We have to prove we earned it and belong here. Every night, we come in with that energy and focus."

Hondo we were talking at our family get together and my Uncle said Tom Izzo isn’t happy with being 12-1. Can you ask him? Vince Cary

Here is what Tom Izzo said, "If you would have asked me, 'Where do you want to be at Christmas? Would you like to be winning by an average of 20 points a game and be 12-1?' I would have taken that." Yes he is happy. Not content because they aren’t a finished product, but very very happy.

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