Answering Your #4 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Tom Izzo and Jaren Jackson (PHOTO: Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1 )
Tom Izzo and Jaren Jackson (PHOTO: Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1 )

Answering Your #4 Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Hondo do you think that Tom Izzo and his job are in any way in jeopardy? Chris S.

Unless new information comes to light (and I am not expecting it) I see no idea how it can be. He didn’t kick players off the team who were alleged to commit crimes that law enforcement chose not to charge or in one case were never even brought to law enforcement. If new information comes out, but not as the facts stand now.

Hondo why do things in the program feel flat? I am not talking about the ESPN stuff, just as a team. Mark Gill

Not sure what you mean. Considering all that they are going through I think things are well. I do think Indiana and Iowa are going to tell us a lot. If MSU wins both games, and they should I think they have the edge over Purdue.

Hondo what stands out to you the most on this team? Terry McCoy

#4 MSU is 21-3, 9-2 Big Ten, enough said.

Hondo, how do you think the guys are feeling during this five-game win streak? Richard Lopez

Miles Bridges said it best recently, “We felt like our old selves.” I think they know they have to fix the turnovers, but they are feeling good.

Hondo I have no concerns about Tom Izzo losing his job. I do have a worry about him saying (Forget) it, I am out. Should I worry? Jim Winston

He was pretty emphatic, “I'm Not Going Anywhere.” I do not think you have to worry about Tom quitting.

Hondo how is Tom handling all of the noise and troubles on campus? Keith Allen

He has said many times, "Our top priority in this healing process is for our courageous survivors." I believe him. Of course, it isn’t easy, but he is taking it one day at a time.

Hondo do you have a prediction for the Indiana game? Kyle Fuller

I think Indiana and Iowa on the road will be tougher than some expect. Indiana is 4-1 in the Big Ten at home, but one stat stands out to me about Indiana. 11th in scoring defense in the conference. They are better at home, but I think MSU pulls away and wins by eight.

Hondo do you know if Dan Dakich is doing the MSU game vs. Indiana? If he is that proves to me, even more, how bad the credibility of ESPN is. Crystal Wright

Yes, he is.

Hondo I watched the video of the last game and while the reporters kept going at Izzo it made me so angry. Thank you for asking basketball questions. I know you would report the bad, but you are fair. That is why we love you. Becky P.

Thank you, Becky. I have and I will report the bad. A journalist’s job is, to tell the truth, not to become the story or to try and make a story. I have no issues with a reporter asking anyone a tough question. I do when you bring no new information and/or relevancy.

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