Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...


Hondo, do you think older Spartan fans will be reminded of Eric Snow and Shawn Respert watching Tum Tum and Harris this season? Rick Emerson

No sir. Harris has to be consistent and he hasn’t found that yet. Perhaps down the stretch? Maybe at some point, but I don’t see it this season.

Hondo, I heard you mention perhaps one freshman for this year could redshirt next season for Izzo? Any chance at two? Steve Luntz

I think Kyle Ahrens will almost certainly redshirt next year and not because he is a bad player. It is because there are limited minutes. No chance on anyone else. I had not heard that and don’t in any way see that as logical outside of an injury.

Will there be a grudge held against Purdue-Swanigan this basketball season? Jacob Thelen

I don’t think so. Certainly MSU wanted him, but I think they are happy it didn’t work out. I hate it when a team doesn’t get a player and the fans all say, “We didn’t want him.” Cough…Cough…Michigan. MSU wanted him, but looking back with 20/20 vision it was a blessing he didn’t come here.

Hondo, I really enjoyed watching Bryn Forbes play. I was wondering if you could share why he wasn't originally heavily recruited out of high school. Was it talent issue? A recruiting numbers game? Defensive liability? Whatever it was I'm glad he's a Spartan, and he is probably my favorite MSU transfer. Thanks for all your good work. Pete Morgan

He was certainly a liability on defense and his size/strength was a concern. Frankly, he was a scorer, but his technique improved with some physical maturity while in Cleveland as well. He is such a super young man and has blossomed into a very good player. Not great yet, but moving in that direction. To be great you have to be able to play both ends. Not only that, but when you are struggling on one end, you can still dominate the other.

Hondo, I hear you teasing an article coming soon in the magazine about hoops and Coach Izzo? I can’t wait. I hate that cliffhanger. What issue will it be in? Nancy Paul

March. You will love it. It will show another side of the coach that is not basketball related, but truly shows his heart.

Hondo, what will Valentine’s legacy be when his career is over? Mike Thompson

Way too early to tell. It is certainly trending up with a chance at greatness.

Hondo, I appreciate that you have been on the Kenny Goins train since the season starter. I love the way he plays and I was able to talk about him (thanks to your information) before the season started and I look smart. How good can Ahrens be? Andrew Loomis

Izzo thinks he has pro potential. I think he should have redshirted, but he and his family wanted him to play this year. I understand why because he had missed time injured, but I think a redshirt would be ideal next year as stated above and on my show.

Hondo, I have not seen you so strong when calling a player to MSU like you did with Josh Jackson. I keep reading that MSU has no scholarships left next season. Is it based on Deyonta going to the NBA early? Jonathan Curtis

No, it is not. There is room for Jackson and it has nothing to do with Davis. Do you think Izzo would recruit a player without a scholarship?

Hondo, I am not attacking Tum Tum as a person. I think MSU is better with Tum Tum out. I’m hoping he transfers. Great kid, but MSU is worse with him on the court. No idea why Izzo has a love affair with the kid. Again I am not attacking him as a person. Kyle M.

I am not attacking you as a person, but you’re an idiot and I think MSU is better off with you rooting for Michigan. Again, you’re a great person; I just think they are better off without you.

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