Izzo doesn't need to talk MSU does!

Tom Izzo told Shannon Shelton and Dave Birkett “no comment” when they asked about the Kentucky job last night. I respect them for asking but the ones who should be talking are MSU. 

Yes Tom Izzo made over $7 million last season. http://mlb-gossip.aolsportsblog.com/2007/03/08/tom-izzo-made-more-than-7-million-in-2006/   

That is not really fair however. His salary was $1.7 million and the rest was an annuity that came due. That was essentially an interest free loan to MSU that if he left, they kept! Why in the world would you give a coach of his class an stature an annuity? Just give him the cash. If you want to tell everyone he makes more then give it to him. He isn’t pimping the school. They should just do it. Why make him ask, be proactive and get a new deal done. NOW!

 I say MSU gives Izzo a lifetime deal. For those that say as a state employee they can’t do that, then make it a ten year rollover that essentially makes it a lifetime deal. I also say that you review the contract every June 1, to make sure that he is the highest paid coach in the land by $1,000.  I am not saying that money is the reason Izzo would possibly leave. I am not even saying he is going, but I am saying with Tubby making more then him and his own pupil in Crean, that is absurd. Izzo is worth millions to this school in all of the little things he does. The charity work, the money he raises for the athletic department and the school. His work in job searches and anything else thrown his way. 


This new deal is about what Izzo fights to get for MSU, respect. This time it is for him. 


It is sad that MSU let it get to this. Now make no mistake, $1.7 is a lot of money. So are the tens of millions he brings in. We all know that Izzo is the face of this school. One could probably argue that he and Magic are the face of the school. MSU needs to treat this living ICON as he deserves. If you don’t think he should make that much I have a better deal. Give him no salary but let him pocket 10% as a commission of whatever he raises. That would be an even bigger deal for Izzo and one I would love to see. That would really show people what he is worth. 

Lifetime deal as the highest paid coach in the nation. There, wasn’t that easy. Izzo has earned every dime. Think that is way to much money? Imagine MSU without him. I know it is a sick feeling that simply cannot happen. 

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