Michigan State & Tom Izzo 2018 Commit Thomas Kithier Dismisses Lawsuit y

Thomas Kithier photo courtesy of Kithier.
Thomas Kithier photo courtesy of Kithier.

Michigan State class of 2018 signee Thomas Kithier (Clarkston High School) has decided to terminate his lawsuit against the MHSAA. Here is the statement sent by his attorneys to Spartan Nation:

High School Basketball Star Dismisses Lawsuit Over Ineligibility

DETROIT, MI – High School basketball star, Thomas Kithier, who earlier this year was ruled by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) to be ineligible to play his senior year at Clarkston High School, voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit today.

After failing to win an appeal with the MHSAA as well as a denial of a preliminary injunction in his United States Federal Court action, Kithier consulted with his attorneys and his family and has decided to move forward in his life and not to dwell on this lawsuit. Kithier said:

“We filed the lawsuit in order to attempt for me to overturn the MHSAA’s unfortunate decision to rule me ineligible. After that failed and after the MHSAA denied the appeal, they said that they would never let me play this year. I sat down with my attorneys and my family and strongly considered all of my options. The lawsuit was likely to go on for years and it would serve as a substantial distraction to me, especially in my first two years of attending Michigan State University and playing on the basketball team. I have decided to dismiss the lawsuit and do my best to move on with my life. I would like to thank my attorneys, Ven Johnson and Steve Fishman, my parents, Jane and Karel, for all that they did for me, as well as basketball fans all over our country who have emailed me, called me and texted me, wishing me well. I greatly appreciate your love and support. I look forward to graduating with my high school class this year and then attending Michigan State University in the fall.”

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