Previewing NBA Draft Status:  Miles Bridges

Miles Bridges (PHOTO:  Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1 )
Miles Bridges (PHOTO: Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1 )

Previewing The NBA Draft Status: Miles Bridges

As we do every time the draft comes around for Spartan players, we have reached out to our NBA connections to review the three MSU players considering the draft. Unless Nick Ward official declares and hires an agent so returning is NOT an option, we WILL NOT be publishing our report on him. Today we start with Miles Bridges. We asked representatives from seven NBA teams to evaluate all three Spartan players. We asked them the same seven questions. In cases were answers were similar we used the most descriptive.

#1 What intrigued you about their play this year?

Team A: His numbers. 17.1 PPG 7RPG 45% from the Field and 37% from three. But his free throw % blew up from 68 as a freshman to 85% as a sophomore. He got better with fewer numbers. He had a better team around him this past year and he didn’t worry about his numbers. He will be around a lot better players next year and you worry about selfish stars. I know Tom (Izzo) wanted him to be more selfish and he needed him to be at MSU. Here we don’t need that and he isn’t. He helped himself this year with us.

Team B: Loves the game and has the talent and work ethic to match. Contagious human being and a zero risk of any off-court distraction. Clean on the court and squeaky off of it.

Team D: He is a freak athletically and no matter how much we watched him practice he always brought it. Sometimes guys don’t get it when NBA guys are in practice. We watch that. He gave great effort in practice and really like that he can and will shoot from anywhere. Needs to be more consistent with that shot, but he’ll take it.

Team G: He seemed a lot stronger this year and we liked it last year. But what we really noticed is that his defense was not as good as last year, but this year he was thinking about it. The effort was there and he made an effort. He will play a ton of game up here and as long as he has the effort he will get it.

#2 What did you NOT like about his game?

Team D: He is a freak athletically and he needed to drive more. He is a “Tweener”here and he will be in some situations that he has to take the ball to the rim and get fouled. I think he left a ton of points on the court not attacking the rim. If he would have attacked the rim more, no way they lose to Syracuse and at least one of the Michigan games. He can make the free throws and he has to go at the rim. When people back off because he kills them, then you can pop from anywhere, but when they have their chin on your chest, blow by them (female dogs).

Team B: There is nothing soft about the kid. Loved the reports we got about how his team loved him. I would have liked to have seen him get on guys more. When (certain players) guy pouted or was a distraction I would have liked to see him rip some (buttocks) a little bit. That will come.

Team C: We love everything about him and hope to add him in this draft, but his ball handling is terrible. At the three he will have to handle it more and if a team uses him at the three, if he could handle it better it would behoove him. If he was a better ball handler I think we are talking about a top seven pick.

#3 Where would you predict he gets picked? Not where would your team pick him?

Team A: Top 14

Team B: Top 12

Team C: Top 12

Team D: Top 14

Team E: Top 10

Team F: Top 10

Team G: Top 12

#4 Do you think it was wise to come out early?

Team A: Of course. Lottery picks that are certain should always and I don’t see any way he gets out of the lottery. I know that we would love a shot, but he won’t slide to us. Maybe we’d move up?

Team B: Are you kidding? Yes. The kid is a baller and not having to go to school and playing a ton more games is only going to make him better. Some guys you pick hoping they are a multi-contract player, then you pick a Bridges because you know he is.

Team C: Look at all of these fools playing like they have a shot to get picked. You really think that we are going to let a Bridges go and take you? No. Should have come out last year and I say that selfishly because we had a better shot to get him last year.

Team D: No doubt he had no other choice. He had gone as far as he could and he will be enormously better at the end of his first season in the NBA than he would be in college. The game will get all of his time.

Team E: Yes, but not for the reason some will say yes. Watch Bridges with Tom Izzo. Most NBA players ignore the coach. He is going to get on a team and a coach is going to instantly fall in love with a kid that loves the game like a coach. The NCAA doesn’t help players like Bridges. They keep a kid like that from Izzo and in the NBA your coach is begging you to come to his room or office to watch film and talk.

Team F: No question he should have.

Team G: Without any hesitation. Should have last year also. Too much money on the table and the way he uses his athleticism and injury can come anytime. Why risk the money he is going to make.

#5 Did you request him to come to the combine? What will you look for there?

Team A: Of course and ball handling.

Team B: Yes want to see his shooting and how much he has worked on it.

Team C: Definitely and want to see him go at the rim in some drills.

Team D: No doubt and want to check injuries and body.

Team E: For sure. Really want to see his ball work.

Team F: Was at the top of our list. Want to see him with the ball in his hands moving.

Team G: If anyone tells you NO to this question, let me know who. I need to be their general manager. Of course. I am certain everyone did.

#6 What is an intangible of this player?

Team A: Turn the tape on and the kid gets better every season and nearly every month. That says work ethic and you can’t teach that. We love that.

Team B: Heart. You can’t teach heart, work ethic and passion for the game. By staying with Tom (Izzo) he proved it wasn’t for the money and we have no concerns a big contract will change him.

Team C: He is so nice, is he naïve?

Team D: Both years he got injured. It wouldn’t keep us from picking him, but that is a slight concern.

Team E: Super nice kid and the NBA is not like college. Guys have families and while you can have great chemistry in the locker room, it isn’t like college. Wonder how he adjusts.

Team F: Not one thing about the young man worries us and we have done so much on him that I am not certain there is a real intangible. If I had to pick one I think with his work ethic, he has yet to come close to his ceiling as a defender.

Team G: Do we move up if he hits that 10-14 range is a serious question for us?

#7 If a lottery pick is an A, a 15-20 is a B, 21-30 is a C and a second rounder is a D and not getting picked is an F, what draft grade does your franchise have on him?

Team A: A

Team B: A

Team C: A

Team D: A

Team E: A

Team F: A+

Team G: A+

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