Spartan Basketball News and Notes: Updates on Herzog, Roe and Multiple Other Topics

Spartan Nation spoke exclusively with Tom Herzog and we end the speculation on what part he will play in Sunday’s senior day.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.
Spartan Nation spoke exclusively with Tom Herzog and we end the speculation on what part he will play in Sunday’s senior day. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.


*There has been immense speculation if Tom Herzog, who will graduate in spring (with eligibility remaining), will participate in senior day on Sunday. Traditionally, the seniors are honored and get their chance, if they so desire, to kiss the S. I spoke with Herzog EXCLUSIVELY last night about it. He told me emphatically, “I won’t be participating in senior day at all. Coach Izzo and I haven’t even discussed it and I can tell you that I won’t be part of it.”


*Some time ago Spartan Nation learned that Delvon Roe had injured his knee again. When we talked to Delvon he asked us not to report it. At the time he said, “Please don’t report it or say anything. This team needs whatever I can give them and they would make me have surgery and that would make me miss time. This isn’t about me this is about my team needing me.” 


We honored Roe’s wishes. After the Wisconsin game people started to notice what we knew, but others did not know the extent according to what Roe told us at the time. He asked us to still refrain from reporting what we knew, since the speculation was that he had tweaked it against the Badgers. “People can tell it is hurt, but I don’t think people realize how bad.” Last night during the game broadcast, ESPN told the nation that his knee has a tear. After the game Roe found out about ESPN’s comments and told us it was now OK to report what we have known. 


Similar to what we reported with football, when after the season we informed people that Trevor Anderson and Rocco Cironi had played all year with injury, it was just as difficult not to defend Roe when people took cheap shots at his play. Not knowing that he had been playing with immense pain for the benefit of his team, people were highly critical of Roe. 


Roe has not been, this season, what was hoped for, but he has been a solid contributor on a bad knee. Why some on this team are fixated on the NBA, Roe was not thinking about hurting his future NBA options. He thought about this program and team. That is courage. That is what is right with this team.


When I asked Roe last night why they let it known finally about his knee, “I think Coach wanted to protect me from all the people saying things about me. He didn’t need to.” If this team had 14 Delvon Roe's, regardless of the injury, they would not have had the issues they have struggled with. 


I asked Izzo earlier this week and they will scope his knee as soon as MSU is done in the dance.


*I am sick of reminding everyone that this team doesn’t dislike each other, they are just not close. I understand that teams have personalities, but playing for so much, it is perplexing for me and everyone else how they can��t come together.


*Last night was nothing short of pathetic. Talor Battle told Izzo that the Spartans couldn’t guard him and questioned the heart of this team. Watching guys just ignore that was depressing. At least Izzo jumped up and had something to say. I don’t like smack talk, but I do think that this team is soft and Battle tried to get in their heads. It worked for a while.


*The most frustrating thing for me sitting courtside last night was the lackadaisical attitude. We still need to remember that this team is #11 in the nation and has a record of 23 and 7 along with 13 and 4 in the Big Ten. Nothing shabby, but the frustration is that this team has performed this way with those high expectations.


*How about Morgan last night? His 16 points cemented him as one of only five MSU players to ever have 1,500 career points and 700 rebounds.


*It was the second game in a row Morgan led the team in points.


*Draymond Green had four assists and NO turnovers. That was incredible.


*MSU bench: 26 points. Penn State bench: 1.


*MSU is 20-1 when out-rebounding opponents.


*If the Spartans play on Sunday like they did against Penn State, they will lose. UM has NOTHING to lose. They will be playing to take a Big Ten banner from their rival and what a way to end their season.