Spartans Get Thumped At Home By, "A Better Team," According to Tom Izzo

Breslin Center

East Lansing, MI


In what is becoming a theme this season for the MSU Spartans, they were their own worst enemy.Not only did they lose to the Texas Longhorns tonight 67 to 55, but they also snapped a 52 game non-conference home winning streak.The Spartans last lost at home in 2003 to Duke in a non-conference game.


From the start, the Spartans played poor defense, passed poorly, and shot poorly (29%) all night.They certainly were kind hosts to the men from Texas.The Spartans played like a team that expected, with many former players in the house, the Longhorns to forfeit.They didn’t.


The fragile Spartans fell to 8-4, and frankly should fall out of the top 25.If they do not fall out of the top 25, it is only because of the nation's respect for Izzo and the program he has built.It is one thing to lose to a good team; it is another to be embarrassed at home and on national TV.This game was an embarrassment.


Izzo said of his team’s terrible performance, “They took the wind out of our sails…it came due to us missing shots…running out of gas…we got beat by a better team.”How concerned should the Spartan Nation be?Tom Izzo is never one to hold back criticism of his team.Tonight in his post game press conference he simply tried to explain it and give reasons why.In my opinion, even he seemed stunned by the performance.


Draymond Green who did not have a good night said, “I was awful.We have to get back to basics.We have a lot of work to do.”


The fans did get a show.Dunk after dunk, the Longhorns dropped one after the other as the Spartans looked like they had visions of sugar plumbs and Santa already on their mind.


Kalin Lucas led the Spartans with 17 points and Delvon had a team high nine rebounds.They had 16 turnovers.


So what does this mean?The Spartans are 8-4.They do not play Spartan basketball.They are soft and frankly aren’t that good.It doesn’t mean that they can’t be, but as of this moment they aren’t.Tonight they were out played and out coached.This was an entire program loss.


Want some good news?As one Izzoner said who sat behind me said, “At least we have the football team.”OUCH!


The Spartans are now 1-4 against ranked teams this season.