The Latest Draymond Green Development that Makes A Lot of People Look Stupid & Tom Izzo A Genius!

Draymond Green 2016.  Photo courtesy of the NBA
Draymond Green 2016. Photo courtesy of the NBA

When Draymond "DAY DAY" Green left Michigan State, Spartan Hall of Fame head coach said that, "I don't care what anyone says, he is the best player in the draft." Despite Izzo's praise, Green still didn't go as high as he should have. It doesn't matter. He landed in the perfect spot. So what happened yesterday that made the NBA "experts" look stupid for being overly critical of Green and Izzo a genius?

Green's current teammate and friend Steph Curry won the NBA MVP award as the FIRST EVER unanimous choice. What does that have to do with Day Day? He finished seventh. That is right. CLICK RIGHT HERE TO SEE THE ENIIRE LIST. The guy that many experts didn't think could play not only has a ring, the most wins in an NBA regular season and perhaps a second ring on the way now is a seventh place finisher for the NBA MVP. Great job Day Day. Continue to make them look stupid.