Three Up OR Down:  #4 Michigan State Basketball 18 Games In

Miles Bridges and Tom Izzo (Photo: Duffy Carpenter, Spartan Nation @DuffyCarpenter1)
Miles Bridges and Tom Izzo (Photo: Duffy Carpenter, Spartan Nation @DuffyCarpenter1)

Three up or down: the three Parts of the #4 Michigan State basketball that are trending up or down now.

  1. UP Nick Ward It was just a few weeks ago that fans and some media were overreacting to the Rutgers (on the road) game and now he is simply a stud. He has matured since arriving at MSU and playing his way up draft boards. Izzo said after the Rutgers game here this week, “I thought, by far, the best player on the floor was, ironically, Nick Ward.”
  2. UP Miles Bridges The first reaction that people are going to have seeing that is that I am being a homer. I am not, but let me explain. I have listened to fans acting like a bunch of entitled Michigan fans. Has he been Steph Curry? No, but he is a sophomore in college with more character and integrity than most adults. He said after the Rutgers game that,“I just looked really lazy out there.” He is his hardest critic and unlike most people, I know him personally. He was almost in tears after the OSU loss. He felt he had let fans down. I have watched him take OFF HIS SHOES and give them away to a kid that didn’t have anything to be autographed. My father was a highly successful businessman and he always taught me that you go into business with people you can trust. I know Miles. I trust Miles. He will get back to the stratosphere of where his God-given talents are and I trust him. If this was a stock I would say you bet that this one is strong. I say up on Miles because so many fools are down on him. Not on my radio show, but I actually heard people this week saying, “He is just not as good as we thought. Should have gone to the NBA.” Just like entitled Michigan fans sound and people saying that crap should be ashamed of themselves.
  3. UP UM Week Michigan State last February in Ann Arbor suffered a 29-point loss to Michigan, matching Izzo's worst defeat to Michigan for his Hall of Fame career. This week needs no pep talk. The mention of the Wolverines is an emotional Viagra to the souls of all Spartans. The Spartans have not been playing great and this couldn’t come at a better time to right the ship.

EXTRA POINT: Expectations

This team is number four in the nation.  They are 16-2 (4-1) and have a roster full of young men any parent would be proud to call their son. None of them struggle with off-court legal issues, are excellent students and tremendous human beings.

Are they playing their best basketball now? No! But they also aren’t playing Savannah and Cleveland State. They must improve to win the title of the Big Ten and have national championship realistic dreams, but the sky is falling whining is stupid, ignorant and a disgrace to the Hall of Fame coach that people somehow are forgetting.

No one knows where this team is headed, but everyone needs to relax and enjoy the ride and process. The sky isn’t falling and Izzo is still the coach!

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