Your Weekly Michigan State Basketball Question and Answer Article


Tom Izzo is among the best on the court coaches in baskteball history.   Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.
Tom Izzo is among the best on the court coaches in baskteball history. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

Hondo, I was stunned when I read your comment yesterday that you thought Tom Izzo would be a terrible A.D. I didn’t get that. Care to elaborate? Mike in Chicago P.S. Your radio tour stop here this summer rocked, we need another soon.

Well Mike, it wasn’t meant as disrespect for Tom, I was asked to give my opinion and I did. I don’t need to get into why, but I can say that I bet Hollis would be a terrible head basketball coach. We know that the Bible teaches us that each of our gifts makes room for themselves and all of us have things we can do well and things that we can’t. For all of Coach Izzo’s many talents, I do not think being the athletic director at MSU would count as one of them. As far as another radio tour stop in Chicago, we have nothing planned, but are talking about the Friday night before the MSU vs. Northwestern football game. We shall see!


Hondo, now that Izzo has declared himself a Spartan for life I got to thinking about that. I have also heard him say he doesn’t plan on coaching for life like Jud. If you had to guess, will he hang up the whistle sooner (within the next five years) or later (more than five years) based in your thoughts? Carrie from Okemos

Based on your question, I would say sooner.


Hondo, I was told that you believe Coach Izzo has the most to prove this year. Even more than the players. I didn’t understand it, but granted I heard it second hand and didn’t hear you elaborate. Could you explain? Les

Sure I will Les. I never implied that coach should lose his job or anything dumb like that. I was asked a question about Draymond Green having the most to prove on the team next year. I took exception to that. I don’t think he does. He has been to two Final Fours and has won Big Ten titles. I said that last season Tom Izzo had his most talented group of individuals. They were perhaps his worst team. As a four million dollar a year coach who says that he craves the expectations of a Duke or Kentucky that was his worst season as the head coach at MSU. In case you are wondering, in 2007 when he lost in the second round of the NCAA tournament was in my opinion his best job. I simply said that after the turmoil of the last two years I think Coach Izzo has something to prove. I am not slamming him. I am again giving an unvarnished opinion. Coach Izzo’s legacy is secure; to question that would be foolish. His on the court ability is set in stone. I was just simply saying that if you want to point fingers it starts with the head coach.


Hondo, how big of an impact with Dane Fife have this season? Noel

Great question. We will be told that there will no longer be a lead assistant. They will all share those duties according to Matt Larson the MSU SID, but we all know that someone has to take the lead. Everything I am hearing from inside Spartan basketball is that Dane is that guy. That doesn’t shock me. Izzo had been spurned by Fife twice as a player and desperately has wanted him for years. I expect Fife to be a big impact. For the good or not is yet to be determined. We just don’t know yet, but based on the intensity of how badly Izzo wanted him we certainly can assume that Izzo thinks it will be major. Let’s hope so!


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