18 FL P/K Will Pryzstup Talks Potetial OV to Michigan State

18 FL K P Will Pryzstup (Photo: Duffy Carpenter, Spartan Nation @DuffyCarpenter1 )
18 FL K P Will Pryzstup (Photo: Duffy Carpenter, Spartan Nation @DuffyCarpenter1 )

As National Signing Day draws near, #15 Michigan State still remains very much in the mix for Oviedo (FL) 2018 punter Will Pryzstup and the Spartans hope to get him on campus before he make a decision within the next two weeks.

Spartan Nation caught up with Pryzstup, who said that Michigan State is talking to him about spending the fall of 2018 as a gray-shirt and would be interested in paying a visit to East Lansing before National Signing Day, which is on February 7th.

“Right now, I’m hearing that they’re trying to get me to gray-shirt,” he said. “They’re still talking to me about having me come up in the next two weeks, just to look around the campus, say hi.”

Not only is Michigan State hopeful to get the 6-foot-4, 220 pound punter on campus, but Michigan State quarterbacks coach Brad Salem paid Pryzstup a visit recently to gauge his interest in the Spartans and to let him know that the Spartans are still interested in him as well.

Pryzstup said that the visit with Salem went well and was excited to hear that Michigan State remains interested in him with Signing Day less than three weeks away.

“It was great just for him to come down and say hi and find out that they’re still interested in me, that’s always great to hear,” he said. “He just wanted to come and check in on me and see how I was doing and see if I still wanted to be a Spartan.”

While this has been an exciting time for Pryzstup, who is rated as one of the top uncommitted punters in the class of 2018, he also admitted that it’s a stressful time for him as well, as he’s faced with the possibility of choosing a school like Michigan State, and moving away from his family in Florida.

“Yes, but at the same time, it’s kind of nerve-wracking,” he said.

“It’s kind of a big decision in my case, it’s just really weird, I’m going to make a big decision about where I want to go in life, move away from your family.”

While East Lansing is a long ways away from home for Pryzstup, he would still have family nearby as he has family members that reside in the state of Michigan.

“It’s kind of a good thing, kind of like a home away from home kind of thing,” he said. “I would be away from home, but at the same time, it’s right next to us if I wanted to say hi to them or something like that. It wouldn’t take a long time, a four hour drive or a plane ride away.”

He averages a hang time of well over four seconds which is excellent for a punter. Another interesting fact is that he can also kick off. While has was not called on to kick much, all of his kicks were out of the end zone. Something that the Spartans have been lacking for some time.

But the Spartans are one of a handful of programs that are after Pryzstup with a decision likely just around the corner and the standout punter said that he’s hearing a lot from Nebraska and new head coach Scott Frost.

“It’s a great team, I love their staff,” he said. “I know one of the guys there personally, he’s talked to me many times and I just know they’re good.”

Although Pryzstup high school career is wrapped up and he is set to move on to the college level, he continues to work on sharpening his skills from a punting and kicking perspective and made the move to work with kicking trainer Jamie Kohl to continue making improvements.

Pryzstup said that the decision to work with Kohl has been one that has paid off in a big way for him and cited his hangtime on punts as one of his biggest improvements.

“Punting wise, he was able to help me get my hangtime a little bit longer,” he said. “He’s helped my kickoffs so much and it’s just been amazing for him to come help me.”

Stay tuned to Spartan Nation for all of the latest news on this top 2018 punter out of the state of Florida and the Spartans!

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