2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #9 Isaiah Lewis

2013 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #9 Isaiah Lewis

Expectation: All American Safety

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 200#

2013 Eligibility: Senior

EXP: 3 Letters

Status: All American Safety

Strengths: Zeke has a lot of them, but we will go to the CMU game to show his biggest. In the 2nd quarter the Chips had the ball with 7:38 on the clock with a 1st and ten. The Spartans were in quarters coverage and on a slant route Zeke stepped up and delivered a devastating hit that jarred the ball loose. Zeke is fearless. He is tiny, but I bet he would arm wrestle Godzilla for a Twinkie. He never sees a hit he doesn’t think he can make or a play he can’t stop. He has no fear. In coverage, he thinks he could cover your team’s best wide out or the coach’s Corvette. He also thinks he could tackle a Sherman Tank. He plays the game of football with a short memory and courage.

Weakness: In the 1st quarter of the EMU game the Hurons had a 1st and ten at the 50 with 11:30 on the clock. He bit on a run play and there was no coverage on a long pass play. Thankfully for MSU, the Hurons stink and the play was incomplete, but it still illustrates his weakness. He is so confident (important to understand he isn’t arrogant) that at times he gets hurt. On this play the QB fake was bad, but he was four steps forward before it was clear it was a pass.

Final Analysis: There are a lot of fine young men on this Spartan football team. In the interest of full disclosure I really like Zeke both as a player and a young man. Even though he is tiny in frame, you always know where he is at, you can hear him. His ever present smile can lighten up any room like Earvin and his attack and go get them attitude inspires his teammates.

I think Zeke is one of the most misunderstood young men on the team, but I expect his leadership skills to shine in 2013 before he heads for a NFL career.

I don’t know Zeke’s family, but I can tell you this. They raised a son they can be proud of. Don’t let his smack talk fool you, he has a tender heart and is a great kid.

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