2016 Spartan Football Has Not Lowered Expectations & Here is One Reason To Know The Players are Buying In!

Jamal Lyles shows off his new body June 2016.  Photo courtesy of Lyles.
Jamal Lyles shows off his new body June 2016. Photo courtesy of Lyles.

As the Michigan State Spartans approach the 2016 campaign, Mark Dantonio and his team are ready to continue the quest for double digit winning regular seasons and Big Ten titles. The Spartans have a lot of reasons to be optimistic that even with a bevy of players having moved on to the NFL, they have the pieces in place to continue their winning ways.

One key to the success of the 2016 Spartans is going to be with the vertical passing attack. While Connor Cook certainly leaves for the NFL as the all-time winningest quarterback, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve. Cook had a weakness in that for his three years at the helm of MSU football, he often would lock on to one WR and other options were underutilized.

That will change in 2016. One of the most underused parts of the Spartan attack was the TE position. Jamal Lyles is a terrific TE and is a prototypical pro style weapon. So what is he doing this off season to prepare for a senior campaign in which he can expect to get more touches?

Lyles is working on getting his body right. He sent out today via his Twitter account @Jamal_Lyles that he has taken his body from 275 pounds to 256 because of his diet.

If the Spartans have the kind of season that they expect in 2016, Lyles is going to be a critical part of it. So when you turn on your TV this fall, remember that it was the hard work ethic of young men like Lyles in June, that pays off in September.