Answering your #15 Michigan State Football & Recruiting Questions

18 TX WR Tommy Bush & MSU WR Coach Terrence Samuel.  PHOTO:  Bush
18 TX WR Tommy Bush & MSU WR Coach Terrence Samuel. PHOTO: Bush

Answering your #15 Michigan State Football& Recruiting Questions

Hondo are there any names emerging for one of the open jobs that weren’t on the original hot list? I know you were told the search would be extensive. Thanks. Tom Bradford

Archie Collins is in the mix. I am told that "He wasn't an original guy that was on the first choice list, but he made himself on it. He hit it out of the park," in his talk with Coach D. That is good news for him. While not a contender early, Collin's work ethic put himself there. Not saying done at all, but that he has quickly moved to the top tier and has a great shot. Good for him. I said in my last QA that, Archie is a good guy, but not under consideration at this time.” He wasn’t. A lot of people were rooting for him and credit Dantonio for listening. He would be a good get if they go in that direction. The job HAS NOT BEEN OFFERED, but they had a great conversation.

Hondo I really liked the kid from down south, Sweat who transferred. Any idea how he is doing? Stu Clarke

Montez Sweat transferred to Mississippi State. He had a great year. In fact, he recorded 10.5 sacks and 15.5 tackles for loss. 

Any chance that Chuck Bullough is in the mix for one of the two open coaching jobs? Johnny in East Lansing

Yes, he is under consideration. He has a lot of people rooting for him to get it also. He brings fire and passion not seen around here since Pat Narduzzi.

Hondo, With the departure of deWeaver and quite possibly more players in the coming months before signing day, how many more spots does that open for recruits? Does that change the magic number of around 22 at all? Also, is there any new updates of Bush or other new leans? Thanks. Hayden Visscher

The Spartans still feel optimistic about landing Tommy Bush. I also think the Spartans will get Jalen Nailor. The class could, not certain, but could go over 22 now.

Hondo I was wondering about something. You said when the season was still going on that you knew of five players that were considering a transfer. You said that one would be a shock. The others would not. Was Hunter Rison the shock? With Messiah, deWeaver and Rison gone have any others definitively decided to leave? Larry Painter

Yes, Hunter Rison was the one that I said would shock the fans. It was not a shock to those close to the program. I know of another of the original five that I mentioned who has decided to leave and has communicated that to Coach Dantonio. I have been asked that until he picks a school to please refrain from publishing who. I do not think it will be a shock, but I am honoring the wishes of those involved.

Hondo if MD interviewed Hill before Barnett left can I assume they want to have two DB coaches? Guess one safety and one corner. Thanks. Ray Krueger

That is possible, but at this point not necessarily the plan. Dantonio sees this as a chess match and how it all fits on the board. With Collins hitting his talk with Dantonio, “Out of the park,” this process got A LOT more interesting. 

Hondo has Michigan State finished with a 10-3 record and a victory in the Holiday Bowl over Washington State and is 15 in the final Associated Press Poll? Tim Donovan

That is how people voted. Besides, it was a bounce-back year. Do you have any idea where Michigan finished?

Hondo I am an enormous Trishton Jackson fan. I think with Hunter Rison leaving the door is open for him to have a very big year. Agree? Tom L.

Jackson had a brutal drop at Michigan that could have put the game away for the Spartans. After that, he caught only three more passes the rest of the season. He had a shot this season and lost his starting job. He is a terrific young man, but I do not see a future where he contributes much at Michigan State.

Michigan State was not included in Sports Illustrated's "way-too-early" top 25 rankings for 2018. They don’t spell our coach’s name right and then this. How much more disrespect can we get? Melanie Stuggart

First, you should be thankful. The disrespect is used by Coach Dantonio and he is brilliant at it. Secondly, they admitted it was only an editing mistake and released it again with the Spartans in it.

Hondo, Vegas has UM at 9/1 odds to win the national title and MSU at 25/1. Tell me that Coach D will see this? Josh Crumb

Yes, he will. By the way, it is 40 weeks, three days and 18 hours until the MSU vs UM football game.

Hondo you mentioned that Harlon Barnett had people when looking for other jobs that were steps up voicing concerns about the “CO” defensive coordinator title. So did he have any other suitors? Rick Charles

Yes he did, three in fact. One didn’t care. One did very much care and obviously, it was not a concern for Florida State.

Hondo I noticed Michigan State this morning Tweeted out a picture of Dan Vanopstall as a new signee. He is an offensive lineman. Did he get the scholarship of Hunter Rison? Trina Bates

No, he did not. He is a prospect from Jenison and is a preferred walk-on.

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