Answering your #16 Michigan State Football & Recruiting Questions

Mark Dantonio.  Photo courtesy of Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1
Mark Dantonio. Photo courtesy of Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1

Answering your #16 Michigan State Football & Recruiting Questions

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Without commentary (On the first two) I give you three examples of what fans are thinking about the Holiday Bowl bid:

With MSUs selection to play in the Holiday Bowl, many Spartan fans in So Cal and AZ may be delighted. But to me, it is lessened by the way the selection took place. Coach D took it like a gentleman, just as we might expect. But players and fans have not been as politically correct. I’ll join in by stating reasons why the Spartans were more deserving than the Wolverines to be playing New Year’s Day. Tim Price

Hondo I can’t stand all of the whinings from MSU fans about the Holiday Bowl. It is a better game and let it go. We are turning into a bunch of UM crybabies. Kent Stark

Hondo, First, I realize that the Holiday Bowl is a better matchup than the Outback Bowl. Second, I realize after the top four none of the bowl games really matter as far as standings, but it matters to the players. It matters for recruiting. It matters for experience for underclassmen. I am assuming that MSU admin, coaches, and players feel disrespected by the decision to take an unranked Michigan team who we beat head to head over MSU. I am not advocating we take our ball and go home, but would we consider leaving the Big Ten for a conference that wants us? Scott Lehr from Raleigh, NC

MSU would never for any reason consider this nor should they. Ever.

Hondo when you look at Washington State it looks a lot like Northwestern to me. If I am right how do you see this game playing out? Chris East

I think the WSU QB, passing attack and defense is better than the Cats. With that said, MSU played terribly on offense in regulation and bad on defense in the overtime. I think MSU will win. More on that in my Scouting Report and Prediction article the day before the game.

Hondo I heard that MSU was in on an RB named Andrew Cunningham out of Florida and he could be a sneak get for the 18 class. Any information? Thanks, Kyle Thomas

He is a 3* RB and the Spartans are full at his position. They have Elijah Collins and La’Darius Jefferson. They are not interested.

Hondo is there any surprise player that we may see sign tomorrow? Is anyone maybe not getting a ton of love? Morgan T.

Jamarcus Chatman is a guy that the Spartans are in on. I am not saying that they are the leader, nor am I saying they are out of it. He is very intriguing and the Spartans are making some headway with him. They are pushing hard for him. I know that he is going to talk to Coach Dantonio today or tomorrow. He has NOT planned on signing early. He decommitted to Tennessee and Georgia Tech is making a big push. If he does NOT sign tomorrow (and I doubt he will) I expect the Spartans to get an official visit in January and I believe MSU becomes the leader. So he won’t be a signing day surprise for MSU tomorrow, but he IF DOESN’T sign tomorrow, that is a very big surprise in a good way for the Spartans.

Hondo do you expect any shockers signing day? Thank you, Peter Martin

I do not. Dantonio even said, “Expecting everyone to sign on the 20th and that points to recruiting more juniors in January.” There may be one player that takes this is 21, but no real surprises.

Hondo how much of a drop off will we have with Chris Frey leaving and Tyriq Thompson taking his spot next year? Marcie T.

I do not expect Tyriq to be the starter replacing Chris Frey. I believe after talking with MANY people in the program that Antjuan Simmons will get that spot.

Hondo if you had to guess who do you think are strong leans to Michigan State for the 19 class that could pull the decision out soon? Todd Graham

I think Jaren Mangham and Devontae Dobbs are two high priority plan A recruits that could pull the trigger sooner rather than later.

Hondo now that MSU has offered Adam Berghorst do you think we have a shot? Brent Byars

Yes. I think the Spartans biggest battle for him is going to be with MSU baseball. He is a standout player that some have reference similar to the great MLB player Randy Johnson. I expect him in green and white, but not sure on the sport.

Hondo I was really excited to read your article on 19 NC DT Gio Paez. I am a native of North Carolina, but moved to Michigan in 10th grade and eventually attended MSU. I have a great friend who works in his school and says he is a great kid. Will we land him? Carl Bishop

I think the Spartans are in a great spot with him. If he camps here this summer I do think they landed him. The camp is going to be the big deal, but he loves Coach Jim Bollman.

Hondo the more you write about the 2019 class I am getting more excited. Marvin Ham seems like a star? What is the word with him? A lean? Thomas D.

He loves MSU and I think as of this moment the Spartans are the team to beat. There is a REAL possibility that the dominoes in this class could fall quickly. Stay tuned.

Hondo has there been any movement with Tennessee Pututau and do you think he takes a Mormon mission? As a Mormon, I loved to see him here. Melissa Dell

He is going to go on a mission so technically he would arrive in 2020. I think Michigan State is in it. He came close to committing when he was here on his official visit, so the longer it lingers I think it decreases the Spartans chances, but not over.

Hondo any word on where things are with Jordan Allen the JUCO DE? Will he sign on Wednesday with us? W. Joseph

He will sign on Wednesday. He told me that. I think MSU remains right in it, but this one is razor close. I would say MSU is not the top school, but not out of it. I talked to him yesterday. His visits this past weekend got all convoluted at the end. I think MSU may have some room to make up.

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