Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Connor Cook under center vs Alabama 2015.  Photo courtesy of Tom Ackerson.
Connor Cook under center vs Alabama 2015. Photo courtesy of Tom Ackerson.


Hondo, the Spartans had such success running the option offense against Ohio State. Why do you think they didn't try it against Alabama when the offense struggled? Larry

You can’t run against Alabama until you establish the pass. Period. Until MSU got the passing game going, they were not going to run. Secondly MSU made ZERO adjustments on either side. Switching would have meant adjustments and MSU made none.

Hondo as you know I am considered a successful high school coach in the state of Michigan. If you use this for your question and answer article please do not use my name as Coach Dantonio and the staff recruit my school. I just got one question. Saban referenced after the game using slants, and screens when you can't run on the MSU D and even picking up on the MSU D using a safety to cover a slot. I have screamed since Dan Roushar left about a failure to use the slot, slant, screens more. Seems like it is go deep or run. The tight ends have been badly under used. Am I wrong? Great coverage as always by Spartan Nation. Name Withheld

Those are legitimate questions and sentiments that I echo and agree with. MSU came in with a game plan and when it didn't work it was BRUTAL. I like you greatly respect the staff, and don't think one game makes a great season stink, but this one was horrific as one game, the season itself remains a great success.

Pretty disappointed with the results of the big game as are all Spartan faithful. Mark Dantonio may be one of the best Coaches in College football today, but to be the only team shutout in this year’s bowl season, with our offense, leaves one wondering about what was really going on the past few weeks leading up to the game. I'll leave it at that. Dave Christensen

Agree. I asked the MSU coaches multiple times about Saban saying prior to the 2011 Capital One bowl that MSU was, “Stubborn and they will keep trying to establish the run.” He was right and MSU had the same consequences. I would caution blame being given to the coordinators. I am working on a long form analysis.

I read before the game that MSU wanted Coker to beat them and he did quite well. MSU did keep Henry to low yards. Kirby Smart seemed to indicate Alabama knew what MSU would try to do. Guy Eckinger

Alabama coaches simply outcoached MSU. More details on that later in the week.

How will the blowout loss the other night affect recruiting down the stretch? We are supposedly in on some big names and it sure would be nice to close with some of them. Doug Ditmar

If there is a player looking at the two teams (MSU or BAMA) I think it will hurt, but outside of that, perhaps vs. Clemson or Oklahoma, but nothing significant. BUT the big caveat is how MSU responds next year. This loss and a tough year next season could really hurt in 2017. 2016 class is close to done.

Hondo, I appreciate that you are always honest whether it is critical of MSU or not. My friend and I are in an argument over the bowl loss. He says the players lost the game, I say the coaches? How about you? Caren

This loss rests squarely on coaching. Certainly the Cook INT let the air out of the ball, and players certainly made mistakes but coaching let the Spartans down. Great staff and coaches, they simply had a bad day. A horrible day.

Hondo, were you surprised that Dantonio didn’t get more ambitious like TCU did vs. Oregon in the second half? I would have rather been blown out by 50 refusing to accept defeat than running the ball in the 4th quarter trying to eat the clock and lose by less. That bothered me more than losing. Brian Pasche

Yes. Stunned!

Hondo, I am thankful for Mark Dantonio and what he has done, but I think he has taken us as far as he can. Perhaps it is time to upgrade our head coach and let him go? You’re thoughts? Kristen & Dave

My thoughts? You are an idiot.

Hondo is certain left tackle Jack Conklin is leaving early for the NFL? Kyle Wright

Certain? No. I would have told you before the season yes and I think the odds are still tilted that way, but no decision has been made yet and I think his return at least has a chance.

Hondo, there is no way this was a great year. All is lost with another blowout. Even a loss wouldn’t have set us back, but a blow out like that is a nightmare. Terrible year. Craig Buthe

How many times have you accused a Tom Izzo team who won 86% of their games, won a B1G title, made the Final Four and finished in the top four a, “Terrible year?” The game was terrible, horrible, a nightmare, and a disaster. The season was great.

There you go everyone. That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article. Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A. Thank you.