Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…(Wednesday Edition)

Saban Coker 2015 Cotton Bowl.  Photo courtesy of Tom Ackerson
Saban Coker 2015 Cotton Bowl. Photo courtesy of Tom Ackerson

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…(Wednesday Edition)

**Let me start by saying the email is always flowing in from you all. I usually NEVER do more than one of these articles a week, BUT you people have gone keyboard crazy emailing me so we decided to do one more. Enjoy.**

Hondo, how can our running backs gain momentum if you are constantly rotating 4 the entire game? How can anyone gain momentum when you’re in for a play and out until the next qtr and in again and etc etc etc?! NAME WITHHELD (CURRENT SPARTAN FOOTBALL PARENT)

You can’t. I am close friends (as you know from my TV show) with Tico & TJ Duckett and they echo the same thoughts. I know that the great RBs gain steam as the game goes on. The MSU RB rotation this season had no rhythm. Until this year Mark Dantonio always stayed with a hot back and that was NOT the case this year. I plan on asking him more about that this off season.

Hi Hondo, I’m in my 2nd year at MSU. Do you think we will remain at that elite level that we established under Cook? Next year’s schedule is looking very favorable for us, will this play into effect? Go Green! Christian Poelstra

Next season’s schedule to me is not favorable. It is very difficult, but manageable. I think MSU can for sure maintain. That isn’t easy, but they can. There is a lot of water to pass under the bridge before next season, but ask again after the spring and I will have a better feel.

Hondo, any early predictions on next year? Kyle Wing

Nope. As I said above, there are so many things and variables that have not settled down as of yet.

Hondo, have you heard of any players considering transferring and are any of them impact guys or expected impact guys? Could you give us some names? Michael Staunch

Yes, I have heard of players considering transferring. Yes, some of them would be impact guys next year. Yes, I could give you names, but I will not.

Hondo now that Alabama crushed us again is it safe to say that Dantonio’s comments about this team having God’s favor are foolish at best and ignorant for sure? Does he think that God favored Alabama more, but hated Iowa? I would agree he probably hates Michigan, but that is a different story. He should have said it and you shouldn’t have written it. Both of you are wrong. I am a spiritual person, but I don’t want preaching from Dantonio. I can get that at church. Just win baby.  Steven Harris

Steven, Mark made those comments three times. He emphasized them. Not sure how I was wrong to write it, but your comments were civil. I have taken a lot of grief for mentioning Coach Dantonio’s faith over the years, but I have known him for over two decades. That is who he is. He doesn’t separate himself from it so to cover him for you, it is impossible to not include that when it is relevant. I cover many players and coaches who either don’t share his faith or are less vocal. As far as calling a man ignorant for acknowledging his appreciation for God in a selfie culture of me, me, me I hardly think he is ignorant.

Shocking how fast some Spartans are ready to discount this great season. Thanks for putting things in proper perspective. We Reached Higher. Ok to be disappointed with the bowl game, but not the season. Thanks Bob MSU '72

Agree. Unfortunately the next people disagree:

Hondo, I have followed and read you for a long time and have never been more disappointed in you than with your last question and answers article. Telling the folks who respected Dantonio but felt he had taken us as far as he can and it was time for a change idiots was wrong. We can disagree with you without name calling. They were correct. Kurt A.

Hey you fat (butt) jackass. If your head wasn’t so far up Dantonio’s jock you would look at Georgia and see that you can have a great man as a coach, but with the donations we are asked for and the prices we pay it isn’t fair to ask for more without titles. Quit calling people idiots when you are the idiot. T. Griffin

So, let me ask you this. You think I am an idiot, but you waste time in your day to read, watch, and listen. Thanks. Do you need a hug?

Hondo, the athletic dept. has done a tremendous job improving the football stadium over the past several years. With regard to the east side of the stadium are there any plans -active or long range-to modify it? Bob Hopkins South Lyon, MI.

Yes, they have some long range plans, but right now the closest improvements will be in the stadium. They are slowly improving the interior of the stadium and that will continue.

Hondo, as great a coach as MD is, is it him or the OCs that are so stubborn as to not change from something that isn't working? Same on the D side of the ball, we were not getting to Coker and he lit us up, yet, we didn't appear to blitz much, why? I still say the difference between Alabama and MSU is speed. I don't recall one time this year an MSU player ripping off a 50+ yard run, not an RB, not a WR. Where is the speed? Will we ever see the speed necessary to compete with the Alabama's of the world? Greg Darian

First, I have been critical of the OCs when earned, but the MSU offensive philosophy changed halfway through 2013 and all of 2014, but returned to the previous year’s this season. I am going to dig more into that with Dantonio this off season, but MSU has had three OCs and other than the aforementioned dates the offense has got the same complaints. That rests on Coach D. Remember that Saban is fond of saying and so is Dantonio, “If you aren’t coaching it, you are allowing it.” Dantonio is very vocal with his staff. If it continues on this staff on any side of the ball, he is allowing it.

Hondo, this was the worst year for special teams in the Dantonio era. Clearly Coach D has to fix the mess that was the MSU special teams this year. Agree? Clint Farmington Hills, MI


Hondo, I do think though that Coach Dantonio needs some adjustments on both sides of the ball.  I am not advocating coaching changes, I just think that schematically, things may need to change a bit. Coach Wooden used to say, "Let the sands shift, but only over bedrock."  I am convinced that the bedrock of MSU's offense and defense is sound, but the sand may need to shift.   Dan in Chicago

Your Wooden reference seems to be a theme of Spartan fans as you read above. I believe in Coach D 100%. He will look and analyze this, and I trust he will adjust. We shall see in eight months.

Hi Hondo, I’ve purposely been avoiding too much reading about the loss vs. Alabama. I have been trying to get my head around what I saw. Enjoy your work as always. Steve Ewing

That is fair and a lot of people are. I am still making a lot of phone calls and talking to people. I am waiting on one more phone call that has been put off until after Monday. I will get more into the game and breaking it down next week, but I am trying to do all my due diligence.

Hondo, were you shocked MSU stopped blitzing and attacking Coker? Jason Haskins

I will say this. When Coker had time, he killed MSU; something I said before the game would happen. When you can’t get to him without blitzing you have to blitz if your game plan is to make him beat you. Coker could not beat MSU if he was under pressure. Yes, I was stunned when I didn’t see more attacking of him.

Hondo, how many times have you watched the game? David Lopez

A lot. A lot.

There you go everyone. That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article. Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A. Thank you.