Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

MSU LB Jon Reschke celebrating a B1G title in 2015.  Photo courtesy of Tom Ackerson.
MSU LB Jon Reschke celebrating a B1G title in 2015. Photo courtesy of Tom Ackerson.

Answering your #5 Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hey Hondo, You're the most locked in guy out there when it comes to the football locker room. Any truth to the rumor that Jon Reschke will be back at MSU for his senior year? Thanks, Stephen Novak

I am NOT reporting that he is at this moment. But in answer to your question, I do expect him back next season.

Hondo you mentioned that as many as four players could transfer after the spring. Then you said you had heard of a fifth. You said that none of the five were major contributors, but the fifth would surprise people? Still, think as many as five could leave? Chris Lund

Yes, I do think as many as five could. While I doubt all five will go, I do know of four that are considering it and one that I believe has already made the choice, but I will wait for Michigan State or the young man to announce.

Hondo you said that you predicted Andrew Dowell, Joe Bachie, and Antjuan Simmons would be the starters come fall. All three were out for the spring game and I keep reading from other reporters how good Tyriq Thompson and Brandon Randle looked this spring. Did either of the two move up this spring and do you expect any changes to your predicted three? Thank you, Kyle Moore

No, they did not. I stand by the three that I projected and Mark Dantonio said as much when he said after the spring game, “All three of our starting linebackers were out.” I would say that if Reschke returns as I expect, depending on his health and conditioning he could compete for a spot.

Hondo I saw an article this spring listing the Mount Rushmore of Michigan State Football. They listed George Webster, Percy Snow, Lorenzo White and Mark Dantonio. What do you think? Pat Munds

George Webster, Bubba Smith, Lorenzo White and Duffy Daugherty.

I heard a lot this spring about many of the freshman early enrollees, but not a lot about Julian Major. What do you expect from him next season? Fred Gibbons

I do not expect Julian to contribute at Michigan State.

Hondo do you know if Mike Tressel will move from the sidelines to the box? Thanks, Kevin Martin

Yes, he will.

Hondo is there anything out of spring that concerns you? Travis Miller

I am not sold on the talk of moving Higby to center. He is a guard and to me it is more experimentation for the sake of experimentation. I would hope that will settle down if not before camp, at least soon after the start. Love Higby, just not at center.

Hondo, now that Mike Tressel is the new DC has he ever called a play? Lynne Myer

He has. In 2001 he was the offensive coordinator at Wartburg College (Iowa).

Hondo when you said that Brian Lewerke looked, “Awesome” in the spring game I didn’t see it. Where did you? Adam Harrison

His 30-yard touchdown pass to Darrell Stewart was an NFL throw. He made some good throws last year. None as good as that and it was an NFL throw. He got out safe, led two scores and showed some pin-point accuracy. That is “Awesome” in a spring game in my opinion.

Hondo do you really think Justice Alexander is getting it? James Connor

He told me this spring about Chuck Bullough and his fire that, "I feel like having that around you makes you want to go harder. Having him push you around, always there trying to beat you to a drill. (Bullough) being competitive by nature improves you as a person and a player." I like Justice. He is a super kid with all of the physical tools. That quote and the coaching of Bullough tells me the light came on. We shall see.

Hondo. Can you comment about Ed Warriner on UM’s staff and his son playing at MSU? I know Ed is a good coach but I was surprised that he left Minnesota for UM. I think his son is going to be a very good player for MSU as well. Knowing that Warriner and Dantonio were once roommates it just seems strange to me. Down the road that might cause some family tension.

Bruce Oosterhouse

I do not see any tension. His son loves being a Spartan. Ed is a great coach and his son is a great player. I do not foresee any issues. Before he is a great Coach, Ed is a super father. It will be a fun rivalry.

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