Answering your  Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

QB Rocky Lombardi (PHOTO:  Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1 )
QB Rocky Lombardi (PHOTO: Duffy Carpenter @DuffyCarpenter1 )

Answering your  Michigan State FootballQuestions and Emails…

Dear Hondo, I would like to see Rocky Lombardi take this job by the horns and win it. What do you think he has to do to be the main MSU QB? Rick Nelson

Perform, perform and perform.

Hondo I was stunned to read Mark Dantonio saying this about Brian Lewerke, “You know, we've got our quarterback situation with I think Brian is injured, lost confidence some. I don't know if you guys noticed it but the social media out there is vicious, OK, and it can destroy a person to some degree. Not destroy, but they can rattle somebody.” How you can be a division one, let alone a Big Ten QB and let fans on social media destroy your confidence? With the bow ties and fancy haircuts is strikes me that Mr. Lewerke is more concerned about image than winning. Give me the big wrestler from Iowa. He looks like he would enjoy slopping the pigs and running in the mud. Kyle Hansen

Not sure what the haircuts or bow ties have to do with it (I love bow ties) but your voice was heard.

Hondo I read about Brian Lewerke being decimated by social media and my heart broke for him. How sad that fans would turn on him. I do not think he has played well, but being vicious to a young kid was crazy. Karen Sharp

If people were vicious (and I have no doubt they are) it is sad. He is a super kid and while I have been critical of his play (deservedly) he is a super young man and deserves respect.

Hey Hondo. I felt like coach took a little swipe at Rocky at the presser with the there is a reason one guy is #1 and one guy is #2 comment. Not sure if that was the wisest comment he’s ever made as rocky has a pretty bright future. Just made me wonder about the temperature in the locker room. Do you get the sense that it is starting to fracture or is everyone pulling the same direction? Thank you, Stephen Novak

I think, no I know that there are frustrated players. The coach has admitted he is. But I do not think they are divided as they were in 2016 at all.

Hondo if you had to guess today who is Starting QB in 2020 Rocky or Day? -Brian Carney

Rocky Lombardi

Hondo, we are all trying to stay positive through some tough times recently, for this offense. We may have a monster team next year. That said, please react to this: A major part of the offense's problems stem from weakness at the TE position, where our main players are unreliable and often have hands of stone. We need tight ends that can do more than block; they need to get open and catch passes. Right now we are weak in this area, maybe weaker than quite a while. Agree? Randy in Okemos

The TE position is struggling mightily. I agree. But they want their TE’s to be aggressive blockers first. That has a lot to do with the mindset of coaching.

Hondo I think the criticism of Brian Lewerke is unfair, unfounded and ignorant. I think Coach D going public with how Brian’s confidence was shaken was a shot. If I was the young man or his father, he would leave in December. It was the first classless move by Coach that I have seen. He won’t throw his coaches that suck under the bus, but a kid that gave him everything? Including play injured for him because he has no faith in the backup? I feel for Brian and lost a ton of respect for Dantonio. I guess we keep disgust with the adults getting paid in-house, but throw the injured kid who played for you when in pain under the bus. Disgusted. Trish K.

How do you really feel Trish? I do not think he threw him under the bus, he was being honest. I do agree he needs to be straightforward when his highly and well-paid assistants screw up.

Hondo as soon as I heard Coach D being critical of Lewerke for letting social media get to him I had one thought. Could this have been the cause of “The Yips” Jon Schopp wrote about at Spartan Nation a while ago? Matt Curtain

Certainly could have contributed. Read that article WHEN YOU CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Hondo, Coach D said this week that Lewerke would, “Be able to play when he says he's able to play and he's able to play effectively. Now, is it this week?” I like Brian, but with Twitter killing his confidence I just don’t see how MSU can go back. Why would a coach leave playing time up to the kid? That is unfair for Lewerke. William Painter

Dantonio should make the call. Not the kid. Once the Dr.’s say he is a go, then it has to be Coach D’s call.

Hondo, when I watched your video and Lombardi, defended Brian it said a lot to me about who should be leading this team. Rocky said, “It’s hard to watch him just go on Twitter for 5 minutes and just scroll through his feed and it’s something about him or something about whatever. It’s difficult and I wish he didn’t have to go through it, but it’s just kind of how today’s world works.” When Lewerke played at Maryland it wasn’t high praise for Lombardi it was about him. Lombardi made it about Brian. Lewerke may be a great person, but Lombardi looks like a field general. Trent Loomis

Interesting take.

Hondo, you pointed out our decline in offensive performance over the past few years, to Spartan Nation and to Coach D. So what will it take to fix that? Is there any chance for major changes in the offensive staff before next season? Given Dantonio’s stubbornness, I doubt it. Tim Price

Major changes? I do not think so. He has proven he will not be forced to do anything.

Greetings, Rocky Lombardi specifically mentioned that Coach Warner is his mentor. Was this just an accidental by-product of the two of them just naturally getting along or does Coach Dantonio specifically assign staff members to mentor individual players? Thank you, Dan, in Chicago

He specifically assigns players to staff members.

Hondo this week at MSU football showed me a lot about our future. Lombardi defending Lewerke who never cheered him on and Connor Heyward defending Dave Warner who never defends his players and blames player, “Execution.” Time for the young guns and some new staff. Seth Reitz

For those that didn’t watch our video, Heyward said of Warner, “It doesn’t fall on Coach Warner. I mean, he’s the OC, so everybody goes to him. But honestly, I think it’s the players. He’s calling the right plays, we just have to make the plays. Make more plays than the other team, and then you win. That’s what the game comes down to.” Heyward is right, the players have to make plays, but these are the players the coaches wanted and they are charged with developing them.

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