Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

It wasn't perfect, but Mark Dantonio was all smiles after the MSU win over Notre Dame!
It wasn't perfect, but Mark Dantonio was all smiles after the MSU win over Notre Dame!

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo I was recently reading another sports company than Spartan Nation and they had this as a story, “Four NFL MSU Quarterbacks having mixed success.” That rubbed me the wrong way? What do you think? Larry Camp

I am not sure in a league with less than 100 QB’s, making the amount of money they make that you can claim any to have “Mixed success,” but since I didn’t read or see the article, I can’t comment on it in context.

Hey Hondo, you were high on Cody Whitefrom back in high school. Because you had written so much about him I was not shocked by his success. What did you see and what have they saw to explain his success? Jerry Hammond

Coach Terrence Samuel said it best a few weeks ago. "His experiences, probably being in the NFL with his dad and seeing Calvin Johnson and all these guys and how they did things and his personality.” I am a friend of the family and his mother and father are exceptional people and so is Cody. Stay tuned next week, I have a special surprise coming for you on Cody.

Hondo read your report that Kyonta Stallworth was leaving. Was he a bad kid? Steven Grence

Not at all. A super kid who wasn’t going to play. He loves the game and doesn’t have much eligibility left. Just a super person and I wish him well.

Hondo last year they had similar to the NFL, like a rookie mini-camp with the new freshman. Any idea when that is? Pete Prince

Yes, it is going on this week.

Hondo I noticed recently that Josh Henderson an RB out of NJ named Michigan State to his top six schools. What do you think the chances are for him to come to MSU? Will Preston

I do not believe the Spartans have a legitimate shot.

Hondo since Michigan is our rival I would like you to take or slant on UM AD Ward Manuel saying that he has not considered a contract extension for Jim Harbaugh? Matt Carter

I think that Michigan has no other options. Any reports that Harbaugh’s job is in jeopardy or should he are foolish.

Hondo what do you think of Jaren Mangham? Will he be a Spartan? Joe Bollum

Recruiting is fluid. There was a time (at that moment) that MSU was the leader. I think this is a battle right now with the Spartans and Florida and I think the Gators have an edge. At this point.

Dear Hondo: Is Brian Lewerke working out with a quarterback guru this summer? Glenn T. Marrichi

Not sure how to define QB gurus, but yes, he is putting some amazing work in. I expect a monster 2018 from him.

Hondo, Spartan coaches claimed they learned their lesson a few years ago not getting enough game experience for their backup QB. Yet it seems to me they still didn’t handle that as well as they might have last year. Do you agree, and can we expect more game time experience for Lombardi next fall? Thanks, Tim Price

Yes, we can and I will be asking Dantonio about that early next month. 

Hondo I know you do not like questions about other media, but I recently read a story from a Detroit media that said, "Shea Patterson would've had Michigan in the College Football playoff picture last fall." I can't believe this crap. What do you think and does the Michigan State team still pay attention? K. WIlliams in Novi.

The team does pay attention and I think you categorized that type of click bait journalism for what it is, “Crap.” No need to comment. Just wipe and flush.

Hondo who would you say are the biggest five potential players that are going to break out in 2018? Carolyn Wirth

TE Matt Dotson DE Justice Alexander ATH Laress Nelson WR Cam Chambers RB Elijah Collins and one bonus, Dashaun Mallory on the DL.

Hondo does Tyler Higby offer any versatility? Chris Peoples

He can play multiple OL spots. He told me of playing several spots that, "I think that will help me out and help this team out, whatever I can do to help just play any position if we need it.”

Devontae Dobbs is the guy I want most in 2019, do you predict he goes to MSU? Chad Wright

Yes at this point I most certainly do.

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There you go everyone. That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article. Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A. Thank you.