Answering your  Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Coach Mark Dantonio (PHOTO:  Duffy Carpenter)
Coach Mark Dantonio (PHOTO: Duffy Carpenter)

Answering your  Michigan State FootballQuestions and Emails…

Dear Hondo: It seems possible that Rocky Lombardi could become the best quarterback leader the Spartans have had since Kirk Cousins. We’re only talking about one start, yet the way he carries himself, the emotional lift he gave to the offense, the way he moved the ball and his toughness are good harbingers for his development. Your thoughts? Best regards, Glenn T. Marrichi

That is not fair to him. I will say that the reason we have been talking about him WHEN NO ONE ELSE WAS unless it was to ridicule our reporting, is because people inside the program have bragged so heavily on him. I can’t blame others for not having our sources, but Kirk was elite. I did hear the same things about Kirk before he played. Rocky could be that good, but way too early.

Hondo I saw that 2020 ILB Cornell Wheeler committed to UM. I was told by people near him that he really wanted an MSU offer, but that one never came. Was he not good enough? Ryan Bell

He is very talented and MSU was very interested. The Spartans are slow and deliberate with offers, but you can chalk this up as one that got away. It was a good get for UM.

Hondo: I know Coach D would never fire a coach midseason, what about reassigning Treadwell to OC for a needed change? James Van Dam

I asked him and he told me that, “I didn’t bring him back for that.” So the answer is no.

With all the injuries is it time to take a hard look at the strength program? With offensive linemen getting pancaked on the goal line and soundly beaten in other games this may be a consideration. John E. Moss

Fair question and the answer is NO WAY. That is not the issue.

Hard to believe how bad these Spartans are again. Oh, well just kids playing a game. Scott Lehr

And then PSU happened & MSU after Purdue seems to have turned around. We shall see Saturday. Chin up!

Hondo, with all the issues - injuries, coverage mistakes, and now we hear about "attitude" problems - at cornerback, why has Kalon Gervin not worked his way solidly into the rotation? He came in as a highly touted prospect. Go green. Randy from Okemos

Not sure what you are talking about with attitude issues. Not true at all. He is going to be real good, but he is a true freshman and as of this writing is not ready. Could be soon, but hasn’t been up to now.

Hondo do you know how Coach D decides to call a trick play? Pat Murphy

No and neither does he. He said, “I'm not sure. I'm really not sure. Sometimes you just step across the line a little bit, but it doesn't always work, but we were one-out-of-two, I guess.”

Proud of the Spartans with all the injured player's they kept playing hard. The arrogance of U of M and they what they did before the game just irks the hell out of me. Tim Loftus

Hondo, In spite of your love and loyalty for the Spartans, you have always been willing to make honest assessments of performance by players, coaches, and administrators. We now learn that Lewerke was injured in the PSU game and reportedly didn’t practice all week. Of course, a 19-20 will be pumped and want to play. But wasn’t a more mature perspective needed to decide his readiness? Thanks, Tim Price

Fair question and it was Coach D’s call to make. I do not believe that there was ANY chance WHATSOEVER that Lewerke could have injured himself further. Dantonio wouldn’t risk Brian and neither would Brian’s family. With that said I would not have played Brian simply because he wasn’t 100% and many inside the program agree with me. That was a mistake by Coach D in my opinion, but he WOULD NEVER take a risk on any kids health.

Here are several that are very similar:

Hondo, I read your UM prediction. I also heard you on the radio saying that you made it with understanding Lombardi would start. So you feel the Spartans would have won vs. UM with Lombardi playing? Scott Anderson

Hondo I love Coach D, but not starting Lombardi vs. UM was a nightmare. Clay M.

Hondo I have been a paying customer at one of your competitors where you have been mocked for the last year for promoting Rocky Lombardi. Because I read you and them, I was well aware of Lombardi. I am not longer a “subscriber” to them. Thanks for the inside information. C.D.

Hondo, Would MSU have had a better chance against UM is they had played a healthy Rocky Lombardi instead of an injured Brian Lewerke? I remember the OSU game where the backup QB's shocked the world and beat OSU when no one expected it. -Brian Schultz

My answer to all of you is that the mood of the team was that they were going to win with Lombardi was the QB. That is why I made my prediction. They did not. UM won by 14 points with a QB that was 5/25 and a team that couldn’t have been worse. UM has a better D than Purdue, but Lombardi healthy would have been better and the D would not have been exhausted and gave up the last two touchdowns. Don’t believe that? Go look at my Twitter feed. Prior to the last two UM TD’s said the MSU D was wearing down from exhaustion.

Hondo, MSU fans aren’t stupid. It’s hard enough to watch this coaching mess on TV, let alone in the stands. Is it going to take emptier stands and declining ticket sales for the coaching staff to finally wake up? –Eric W.

I believe, BELIEVE but we shall see, that this team has had a wakeup call top to bottom. I believe in them and you should as well.

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