Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Dantonio contemplates a big 4th quarter decision.  (PHOTO:: Tom Ackerson)
Dantonio contemplates a big 4th quarter decision. (PHOTO:: Tom Ackerson)

Answering your #25 Michigan State FootballQuestions and Emails…

Hey Hondo, Jefferson looked goodat running back for a true freshman against ASU but any idea why we haven't seen Weston Bridges yet? I would have thought he would be the next man in after Scott and Heyward. –Mark Pung

He did play vs. ASU

When there is more than one infraction on a given play, I don’t recall the referees ignoring one because it came after another. So why was roughing the kicker not called on AZ when their player hit Hartbarger after a penalty whistle on the same play? I thought the intent of that penalty was to protect kickers who can be vulnerable with one leg extended into the air? I didn’t get to watch the game, was a flag even thrown for that hit? Thanks, Tim Price, San Diego

That flag SHOULD HAVE BEEN THROWN. I talked with a college official who told me that it should have been. Dantonio addressed it saying, “I got an explanation. But I don't -- you know, I'm not going to go into that. I'm not going to -- I'm not going to make excuses. I'm going to concern myself with the things that we can control and I can control. But I got a very clear reading on that, yeah.”

Hondo, I live on the West Coast and know the difficulty with the 3hr time zone difference. I believe coming out on Friday was a big mistake. The player's bodies never adjusted to the 3hr difference so by the 4th Qtr, they were feeling it which was obvious by giving up 13pts. So I hang this loss squarely on Coach Dantonio for making a critical mistake not coming out -Brian Schultz

The players told me privately that it had nothing to do with it. Perhaps you are right, but normally you can get a feel from players/staff off the record and none gave me your reason.

I played at Michigan State and in the NFL. You can't win games if you don't know how to block or tackle. Get back to basics and some discipline or you will not win another Game. The Spartan level of play was POP-Warner. Brian

The OL was especially brutal. There were some missed tackles for sure, but that loss was on coaching and OL in my opinion.

Hondo, All of Spartan Nation appreciates all your efforts and honest assessment of Spartan Teams. Do we have reason to be concerned about the lack of dominance from the offensive? Thank you in advance for responding. Jay Landon

Yes, a big one. There is some talent there and some super kids, but MSU also has some misses from a recruiting standpoint on scholarship that have taken numbers. There is a reason to be greatly concerned.

Hondo, Should we be concerned at all with LJs lock room material he just gave Michigan? I'm an MSU alum and feel the same way sometimes especially in the last decade but I'd rather do the talking with our pads and results. Think Dantonio will have him running gassers for that slip-up? Lol. Love your posts, long time reader. Thanks, -Michael Vangheluwe

While not advisable, I do not think what he said will make an ounce of difference in that game.

Does Mike Tressel have a chance to be Dantonio's replacement one day? Is there anybody you are hearing that would a top choice as of now? -Nick V

If he had left after 2016 it would have been Pat Narduzzi as the top choice. Does Mike have a chance? Yes, but I think they would go in a different direction.

Hey Hondo, Hope all is going well with you. Just wondering why Will Przystup is not going to be handling the punting with Hartbarger out. The punting game has been such an advantage for us with Hartbarger and you could make a case that it won us a couple games last year, it seems crazy that it would be trusted to a QB instead of a guy that was brought in to take over the job when he left. Are they simply trying to save his redshirt, or is Lombardi really a better option. Thank you, Stephen Novak

They feel that right now Lombardi is the better option. Will is the future, but not ready right now.

I thought the SPARTANS started out pretty good and it looked like they had ironed out the problems from the last weeks game but I, was wrong. Red Zone terrible line play glaringly ugly not all their fault. I sat with friends watching the game and saw the stupidity of the Warner factor. When you have Offensive center get knocked on his butt in the Red Zone literally into Lewerke what does that tell you? Red Zone 4 times only 7 points hay you tell me. Tim Loftus

It was a horrible offensive performance that I will break down IN GREAT BRUTAL detail in my War Room article on Friday.

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There you go, everyone. That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article. Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A. Thank you.