Answering your Michigan State Football & Recruiting Questions

Don Treadwell can do nothing else to prove to the nation he is ready for a head job!  Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.
Don Treadwell can do nothing else to prove to the nation he is ready for a head job! Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

Answering your #15 Michigan State Football & Recruiting Questions

Hondo with your report on Don Treadwell, can you tell me when he starts and when you think others will? Pete Calibra

According to an Athletic Department source, he is expected to start working by Friday or the first of the week at the latest.

Hondo Do you see Treadwellas one of the ten coaches or more in one of the analyst roles that other schools employ? Thanks. Ray Krueger

He is one of the 10 coaches.

Hondo I loved your report that Don Treadwell is coming back. Like you I think he is a great coach. Any idea what his title will be yet? Ivy Thomas

Not yet. I know they are looking at some interesting titles and job descriptions, but again we have to wait and see how many guys end up leaving.

Hondo besides Harlon Barnett and Mark Snyder who left for Florida State, can you tell me any other coaches that had interest from other schools? Keith Miller

Ron Burton had very strong interest from Florida State and one other school. Brad Salem turned down the offensive coordinator job from Syracuse. You may remember he turned down the OC job at Vanderbilt and Pittsburgh prior. Mark Staten spoke with Oregon and had interest from other schools.

Hondo I have a quick recruiting question. When the 2019 class signs will Devontae Dobbs and Adam Berghorst sign or with Spencer Brown already on board would we only take one? Mark Smith

They not only would take Dobbs and Berghorst, I think they are going to land both.

Hondo any updates on Harlon Barnett’s replacement? Roger Van

Yes. Archie Collins has had a great conversation as we reported and a super interview. Paul Haynes absolutely killed it. If no other coaches leave that means MSU will have three openings. They have to do something at DE and we know that Don Treadwell has already been hired, as Spartan Nation broke that story. I would be content with either or both, should they be able to move guys responsibilities around. They could go back to Ron Burton coaching both DT and DE and then hire both. Paul Haynes is going to get the job according to two MSU athletic sources. That means two of the three spots are filled. Now it is a matter of Coach D deciding that he can hire Collins as well and shuffle his staff or hire a DE coach.

Hondo I know there is a long time until the season starts, but this is always fun. Predict today who the captains will be next year, please. Paul Chen

Khari Willis, Brian Lewerke, and Joe Bachie.

Hondo, Coach Dantonio always had a late spring season and loved the late spring game. It was usually warm and a great time. I know last year he wanted to get the bad year behind him and he started early and the spring game wasn’t as nice as in the past. Any idea when spring practice starts? Wade Bennett

Spring ball will start in February this year as well. While no announcement has been made I have learned that. Dantonio loved going early last year and how it opened up the calendar later in the spring.

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