Georgia Bulldog Head Coach Mark Richt has Great Respect for Michigan State

Mark Richt’s Georgia Bulldogs returned to the practice field today. Just one day removed from the completion of final exams, Richt knows that you can’t over stimulate a group of players coming of an SEC championship game loss. “You can’t get them jacked up for thirty days.” He went on to add,  “It was our first day after exams today. We will take things in increments. We will slowly talk about Michigan State, how good they are and what we are up against.”

Richt has great respect for Michigan State and it harks back to the old adage in coaching that the film doesn’t lie. “When you watch the film it is easy to tell if someone is good. When they (team) see the film they’ll know it’s going to be a battle.”

For Richt the season didn’t start well. With key early losses to Boise State and South Carolina, calls all over the Bulldog nation began to ring out for his head. Ultimately his dog’s responded and won ten in a row. Their last game, a loss to LSU in the SEC championship game didn’t dampen the excitement of another great campaign.

Richt talked today about what he said or did to overcome the bad start, “We just kept believing, kept grinding and just started winning.”

For teams like Michigan State and Georgia, January games have big advantages in recruiting. Richt said, “It is a big deal. Warm weather sites, we are playing a good football team. People are going to see Georgia and Michigan State and say, ‘I want to be in front of a TV set to see that.’”

Richt understands what the Spartans are facing. With Georgia having given #1 LSU their biggest test of the season and still coming up short in his conference championship game, he knows what MSU is facing with a Big Ten Championship Game loss. He thinks that Spartans will be ready. “My guess is they will be highly motivated, they want to show they are great team. I think they’ve already shown that quite frankly.”