MSU LB Joe Bachie on Jon Reschke

MSU LB Jon Reschke (PHOTO:  Rachel Hyams)
MSU LB Jon Reschke (PHOTO: Rachel Hyams)

After spending over a year away from #5 Michigan State and the game of football, Jon Reschke officially made his way back onto the Spartans’ roster and is now competing for a starting job at linebacker.

Spartan Nation caught up with Michigan State starting middle linebacker Joe Bachie to discuss Reschke’s return, the progress he’s made since re-joining the roster and what he brings to the linebackers group.

“He’s getting better and better every day,” Bachie said. “He had about a year and a half off or whatever it was, but he’s getting better every day, he’s still quick, he’s still explosive and he’s strong as can be.”

Reschke left Michigan State following the 2016 season but was allowed to return to the Spartans ahead of the start of camp.

Bachie said what stands out to him about Reschke is the type of energy he’s brought to the practice each and every day of fall camp and also added that he sees the sixth year senior linebacker as one of the four players in contention for the third starting linebacker job, playing alongside Bachie and Andrew Dowell.

“He’s an energy bunny, he comes in every day and that’s what you need,” he said. “He gels well with everyone, he’s not selfish, so he’s going to go with the 2’s, 3’s, whoever and he’s going to get his reps and we’re going to move forward with him. He’s competing for a spot with Tyriq (Thompson), Byron (Bullough) and Brandon (Randle) right now and he’s having a great camp so far.”

Following an impressive sophomore season in 2015 where he made 14 starts and recorded 75 tackles, including 5.5 tackles for loss, Reschke missed the majority of his junior year due to an ankle injury that limited him to just two games.

Considering his history with Michigan State and what he’s showcased so far in fall camp with the Spartans, Bachie admitted that he wouldn’t be surprised his Reschke earned a starting job at some point this fall, but added that both Bullough and Thompson have also impressed and are in the mix to start as well.

“No, I wouldn’t be surprised if him, Byron Bullough, moving over to Money, and Tyriq Thompson is having a great camp too,” he said. “But I can’t even pinpoint anyone right now.”

Bachie added that each linebacker brings somewhat different qualities to the table, which makes each serious contenders for the starting position this fall.

“Byron is a good sideline to sideline runner, Tyriq can fill a gap better than anyone, a Jon’s got a little bit of both and they all talk,” he said. “Byron knows a lot about the MIKE, so he knows the defense very well. I can’t go any deeper than that.”

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