One-On-One With Michigan State QB Brian Lewerke

Spartan QB Brian Lewerke was all smiles at the 2015 Meet the Spartans event in East Lansing.  Photo courtesy of Sofiya Stumpos.
Spartan QB Brian Lewerke was all smiles at the 2015 Meet the Spartans event in East Lansing. Photo courtesy of Sofiya Stumpos.

Duffy Daugherty Football Building

East Lansing, MI

As the Michigan State Spartans march towards Mark Dantonio’s 10th season at the helm, they are looking to secure their foundation at the most critical position on the field: Quarterback. To his credit, senior Tyler O’Connor the number one quarterback has done nothing to diminish his spot. The battle is wide open for number two position on the depth chart.

Spartan Nation has written previously of the Spartans redshirt freshman flame thrower form the desert of Arizona in Brian Lewerke. CLICK HERE TO READ NOW. Despite the praise and compliments from his coaches and teammates, Lewerke remains humble, despite all of the attention.

I recently caught up Lewerke after practice for this one on one conversation and he didn’t disappoint.

Hondo: You aren’t a dummy. You see how you are playing and get to watch the other players, how do you think it is going?

Lewerke: I think it was pretty good. The first couple of practices I feel like I did really well. As we have started to implement more plays in the play book, I feel like it was a little more difficult. I am just trying to do my best to show what I got.

Hondo: You have impressed a lot of people with your feet. You saw last year where Connor Cook at times would throw off a back foot. You are a lot like the kids toy a ">weeble wobblein that you can move all over, but somehow get your feet underneath you. Is that coaching or lucky instinct?

Lewerke: I think it is a combination of both. I do practice the ability to get the ball out quickly and the ability to throw off balance sometimes because you just need to make a play. I think it is a little bit of instinct. You just try to get the ball out quickly to the receiver and make the right play.

Hondo: We talked when you were in high school about you not running a lot. People are learning now that maybe you didn’t have to more because of that ability to scramble like ">Fran Tarkenton. Do you even know who he is?

Lewerke: No. Not really. I am a little to young for that reference. (laughter)

Hondo: Thanks for making all of us old people feel really old Brian. (Laughter)

Lewerke: I think one of my strengths is my scrambling ability. I have not been able to do it a lot because of trying to stay in the pocket more and making more of my reads. More of a college level stuff. I am trying to implement the scrambling also.

Hondo: Last year some of your teammates said you struggled a little bit to having 6’7” and 6’8” offensive and defensive lineman and learning to throw in those passing lanes. Have you adjusted to those passing lanes because I am hearing that you have?

Lewerke: Yes I think so. I mean running the scout offense last year you had Malik (McDowell) and LT (Lawrence Thomas) up in your face the entire time and they are tall guys and you have to get around them somehow. That really helped me a lot trying to figure out how to fit the ball around those D lineman. They practice hard to work on their stuff and get their hands up and we have to work around them. That definitely helped out.

Hondo: You have made some pretty amazing throws this spring. Have there been any that you went back, watched on film and said wow? It isn’t a lack of humility to admit that you have been given a talent and have worked hard to develop it.

Lewerke: There have been a few throws that I have gone back and looked a film and been impressed. Like, I am really proud that I made that throw. I strive to do that at least a couple of times every day. Hopefully every play but that is a little bit unfeasible. I am just trying to make the best throw that I can every time.

Lewerke has been the talk of the spring and for good reason. There is certainly a lot of spring left and of course fall camp. If this youngster has taught anyone who has followed him for any amount of time anything, it is that you never bet against him.