Spartan Head Coach Mark Dantonio Captures the Nation's Attention Having Fun With Wolverines He Dominates!

Happy Dantonio

University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has certainly spent time thinking outside the traditional box. He announced earlier this year that he was taking the Wolverines to Florida for spring practice at the recruit rich IMG academy.
Spartan Nation has already reported that Mark Dantonio the MSU head man admitted that he was, “Thinking about,” doing the same. YOU CAN READ THAT ARTICLE WHEN YOU CLICK HERE.

So while the Wolverines are in Florida right now and holding some of their practices open to the public, the man often considered less than humorous in Dantonio decided to have some fun. Former Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema decided to Tweet that he might stop by the Wolverine practice. Here is that Tweet:

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Dantonio Tweeted back at Bielema that they should both go to lunch, implying that he also would be at practice. It was very funny and instantly went around the country getting MSU great publicity in a football news cycle dominated by the Wolverines. Here is Dantonio’s Tweet:

So the next time someone tells you that Dantonio doesn't have a sense of humor, remind them that he does. It's often just associated with the Wolverines who Dantonio has beaten seven of his nine seasons at Michigan State.