The War Room:  Go Inside Michigan State Football

After a very good coaching job in 2009, the Spartan's must now find OC Don Treadwell some new weapon's for his offense.
After a very good coaching job in 2009, the Spartan's must now find OC Don Treadwell some new weapon's for his offense.

LATEST NEWS: The War Room: Go Inside #15 Michigan State Football

East Lansing, MI

Over my course of many years covering Michigan State Athletics I get many nuggets of information from sources cultivated over years and in some cases decades. While those nuggets individually may not be worthy of an article, I place them together in what we like to call The War Room! So it back and enjoy the latest up to the moment addition right now.

  • Spartan Nation broke the story that Tim Daoust the WMU DC and former Mark Dantonio GA at Cincinnati would get an interview for the vacant MSU DE coach job. He got that over the weekend.
  • Spartan Nation also broke that Spartan ICON Chuck Bullough was going to get an interview as well. Like Daoust, he was in East Lansing for his interview over the weekend.
  • According to Spartan Athletic Department employees, both were terrific. One person who had heard from a staff member that participated, “Bullough ripped it and killed it.” So by multiple people it is fair to say both of them did well.
  • Both bring unique skill sets. Bullough is a Spartan with a world of experience and an old school football coach fire not seen since Pat Narduzzi. He knows what Spartan football is all about. He is older than Daoust and more experienced.
  • Daoust is younger and has worked for Dantonio in the past. He knows the “Dantonio Way” and that helps him because Dantonio has shown a penchant for familiarity on his staff.
  • But both also have an ancillary advantage.
  • Daoust and his family are very close, in fact more than one person has used the term “Best friends” with new sole DC Mike Tressel. That can’t hurt him. They have vacationed according to multiple people with their families and that closeness can be a big ally.
  • Before I explain and advantage for Bullough I need to remind you of a past nugget from a previous War Room.
  • Spartan Nation told you that when Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh hired Danny Enos (Former Spartan QB) who is essentially his OC in waiting, that he had also looked at another Spartan who had no interest in going to Michigan. He had also tried to hire Curtis Blackwell when he was on staff at Michigan State.
  • Harbaugh brings new meaning to the words, “If you can’t beat them, hire them!”
  • Well Harbaugh may have another staff loss. Spartan Nation has learned that if it happens, Dan Enos is pushing hard for him to hire a Spartan. Since that job is not yet open I will not mention a name. So how does that benefit Bullough?
  • Mark Dantonio has 10 on field coaching jobs on his staff. Seven are filled with Cincinnati or Ohio State tied folks. Two are outside of that, but none of them are Spartans. While Harbaugh is hiring Spartans left and right Dantonio would not have any on his ten. That could be a PR nightmare, but it would be used for sure against him in recruiting and frankly with donors who like having some of their own.
  • Chuck Bullough is a Spartan through and through and while that alone wouldn’t get him the job, some I spoke to think it gives him an advantage.
  • How tight is this hire? I spoke with six people that are very much in the know and three said Bullough and three said Daoust. The good thing is that I trust Dantonio and either one would be great. In speaking to people I think Bullough has a slight lead, but not calling the hire. Just telling you it is down to those two with Bullough slightly ahead talking to others.
  • I had mentioned a potential third candidate that could get an interview. As of this morning that has yet to materialize past the phone call stage.
  • I would anticipate that final hire to the staff to be made by Wednesday. Thursday at the latest.
  • I love the idea of Dantonio playing the spring game at 5 PM. It is another way of making the game fun and unique and once again he is thinking outside the box.
  • Spartan Nation broke the story that Don Treadwell had been hired. We also broke the story that Haynes had been hired. We also broke the story that they would announce Haynes first. As I reported last week I expect the Treadwell hire to be made public today are tomorrow. With a handful of us in the media traveling to Champaign for tonight’s basketball game, they may delay it. Might, but I still suspect today as I said last week.
  • The Paul Haynes hire is a home run. He is a master teacher and a super recruiter. He also has a very unique skill as a player’s coach who is tough as nails. I know some look at the lack of success as the head coach at Kent State, but that isn’t germane. No one is going to win there.
  • Pat Narduzzi was wise when he turned down some of those jobs. Some young coaches get so impatient, or in some cases don’t feel like they will get another chance so they jump at bad jobs. Sadly many African American coaches do not get as many chances to break into a Power Five school and feel their only shot is to take what is give. Right or wrong that is the sentiment. Haynes is a winner.
  • Harlon Barnett is a dear friend. I truly love and care for him. I wish he was still here. Having said that if it had been my job to pick a successor, Haynes would have been at the top of my list. He was a good one.
  • You may remember that I told you Don Treadwell would have a “Unique” job title. While not confirming the hire of Treadwell, Dantonio did say the next assistant would be the “freshman coach,” and well as work with corners and some offense. All things we had previously told you. One insider explained the offensive role for the former MSU offensive coordinator as, “Very similar to an analyst.”

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