The War Room:  Go Inside Michigan State Football BIG COACHING NEWS!

Don Treadwell can do nothing else to prove to the nation he is ready for a head job!  Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.
Don Treadwell can do nothing else to prove to the nation he is ready for a head job! Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

The War Room: Go Inside #15 Michigan State Football

I get a lot of nuggets and information that alone are not big enough for a story. When I have a few that I can assemble together I will, and when I only have one or two I will post them as premium content on our Phalanx Forum board. So welcome to The War Room.

  • While NO DEAL has been signed, Don Treadwell IS EXPECTED to return to the Michigan State football staff.
  • As stated, no deal is signed and as of this moment, no title has been determined for his role for reasons we will state further down.
  • A source close to the situation told Spartan Nation today, “It isn’t done, but it would have to be something weird for it not to happen.”
  • The return of Don Treadwell IN ANY CAPACITY is a great thing. He is terrific with the players and a master teacher and technician. Add to that an awesome friend, husband, and dad, and it is a home run get as long as they can finish it up; which at this point seems more like a formality.
  • Renaldo Hill has indeed turned down Mark Dantonio. He will remain with Pat Narduzzi on the Pitt Panther football staff.
  • Paul Haynes was a name that we originally reported as a potential hire for Harlon Barnett. While that job has not been filled, he seems to be gaining momentum.
  • As stated in some of our previous reporting Archie Collins hit a home run in his interview with Dantonio. He is still very much in the mix, but I am hearing, as of this afternoon, might not be the first choice.
  • Spartan Nation has learned that TWO ADDITIONAL coaches are in conversations with two other schools for positions on their staff (neither to Florida State). While neither hire is imminent or even close yet, they are in the mix.
  • Chuck Bullough is a candidate for the DE spot. That would be a home run higher. MSU has not had his kind of "Fire in the belly" since Narduzzi left.
  • Losing Harlon Barnett to Florida State was a tremendous loss.
  • Losing Mark Snyder to Florida State was not a major loss. While I am sure that Mark Dantonio wasn’t excited to lose his friend on a personal level, from a coaching perspective there were not many who shared that opinion.
  • Although Snyder had a better year coaching defensive ends, he struggled mightily leading the linebackers, in my opinion, and in just about anyone else’s opinion off the record.
  • You may be wondering why Mark Dantonio doesn’t have a title yet for Treadwell. You have to understand that right now he has three empty spots on his staff.
  • He could have at least two more openings (as stated above), so he has to see how this comes together before figuring out all the titles and responsibilities.
  • As of right now, according to people inside Spartan athletics, Dantonio wants to fill the three current spots with 1) Defensive Backs Coach, 2) Defensive Ends Coach, and 3) A cornerbacks/flex offensive guy. This would be a hybrid position where the person would coach corners and have some duties with the offense. (Assuming no others losses)
  • I have shared this before, but I had a very successful NFL GM tell me once, "I always evaluate all of our coaches. If others want them that is a good indication that we should. If nobody wants them I get terrified. You want staff continuity with good coaches, not dead weight."
  • Do you know that when Nick Saban won the national title on Monday night he only had two coaches on his staff who were on it two years ago?

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