Three Up or Three Down:  Grading Spartan Football POST Ohio State

MSU vs OSU 2018 )PHOTO:  Starr Portice)
MSU vs OSU 2018 )PHOTO: Starr Portice)

Three Up or Three Down: Grading Spartan Football POST Ohio State

  1. UP: Defense Despite exhaustion from an unproductive offense constantly sending them back on the field, this is one of the best Spartan defenses o all time, wasted by a horrific offense.
  2. UP: Terrence Samuel With scotch tape, Elmer’s glue, so duct tape and a lot of TLC someone the Spartans have had production from the WR spot when the QB could get it to them. Lost in the abysmal performance of the offense is how good Samuel has been.
  3. DOWN: Offensive Coaches Not Named Terrence Samuel This is tough to write because I like them, but the MSU offensive coaching staff has not performed well at all this year. Many of them FOR YEARS. In 2014 the MSU offense was ranked 11th in the nation. In 2015 they were 73rd, in 2016 they were 75th and 2017 they were 91st. This year they have fallen from 2014 100 spots to 111th.  Give MSU a break for this year, but even last year with 10 wins, they were bad. Anywhere NOT named Michigan State they would be under Mark Dantonio's microscope in a major way. But this is named Michigan State.


Matt Coghlin has been a star. He was last year as a true freshman and hasn’t lost a step. He and Cole Hahn on kickoffs have been great. Again with the frustration of a 6-4 season that didn’t have to be like this, their production has been overlooked.

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