With Star QB Connor Cook on to the NFL, Spartans Will Place Emphasis On Running Game Early!

RB L.J. Scott vs Air Force 2015.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.
RB L.J. Scott vs Air Force 2015. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

The NFL has attracted the quarterback with the most wins in Michigan State history. The arrival of Connor Cook has triggered many fans to concentrate on the Spartans running game in the offense in the 2016 season. However, you should not perceive that the starting quarterback of the Spartans is immaterial. Tyler O’Connor must familiarize with being the starter regularly as college football picks take shape, but his arm is proven.

Look for the Spartans to implement their running game to kick-start their season well, particularly when it comes to fixtures in the second and third week. They play Notre Dame in South Bend on September 17, and they host Wisconsin exactly one week later in the opening game of the Big Ten. The advantage that the Spartans have over their rivals is the four top tier athletic running backs. In the two final games of last season, Gerald Holmes, Madre London, and L.J. Scott helped the Spartans to emerge winners. When they won 17-14 against Ohio State, Cook was already injured; however, their rushing attack garnered an average of four yards per carry as well as 203 yards. The Spartan offensive attack was led by new starter Tyler O’Connor at QB that day.

When MSU played the defensively strong Iowa in the Big Ten title game, their rushing attack rolled up 174 yards. Even though the well-timed one-yard touchdown by Scott in the dying minute did hot hand them the victory, the 82-yard drive came at the perfect time. Scott, Holmes, and London, can carry their team when their passing game is hurt. They should do the same in the 2016 college season to help the Michigan State offense.

Scott’s excellent performance in the Big Ten’s final game of last season shows that he can handle clutch situations. His run he made in the one-yard touchdown against Iowa pulled four Hawkeyes into the end of the pitch. The Spartan can look very powerful and elusive this season if Scott still performs a go-to back game consistently. Even Holmes and London showed their superior tactics through defenses last season and both of them won’t let Scott dominate easily. With Delton Williams as the fourth back, don’t forget his NFL talent and he sits at fourth.

Last season, London started in six games. He scored three touchdowns and rolled up gained 500 yards rushing and an average of 4.2 yards per carry. Clearly, London can open a huge run off the bench. This is because they also have Holmes, who, in last season, gained 540 yards rushing to tally with eight touchdowns. He will have the opportunity to revive any game in case Scott and London hesitate and Delton Williams will get carries as well.

The Spartans still have up front experience, with Brian Allen, who was featured in the 2016 Rimington Trophy and Outland Trophy lists. The Spartans should have the confidence to win against Wisconsin and Notre Dame, after which, no team will have a better chance of getting rid of the Spartans early in the season. They should take a leaf from Scott’s incredible 22-play touchdown run to recapture similar plans in September 2016.