Michigan State Super Star Kelly Miller Comes Home!


Like all the other members of his family, Miller was a star on the ice and an even better person off of it.
Like all the other members of his family, Miller was a star on the ice and an even better person off of it.


Well it didn’t take long for new Michigan State Head Hockey Coach Tom Anastos to compile an all-star staff around him.


Just last week, Spartan Nation learned former Spartan great Kelly Miller would be returning to East Lansing and be behind the bench as Assistant Coach.


Along with keeping Assistant Tom Newton, it sounds like a recipe for success that should be guarded tighter than Cornel Sanders KFC recipe.


Miller, returns to East Lansing after years away from the University which he says was difficult, but important, “I got out of the game for all the right reasons, to keep my family in one place. To be able to go back to my alma mater, I’ve dreamed of it for years since I left.”


But Miller knows the work still lies ahead of this program. Their staff has decades of hockey talent and experience but like any staff recruiting will be vital. “Recruiting is a whole new ball game” Kelly told Spartan Nation Radio, “We understand how important it is to get in and getting the best Michigan kids and kids from all over Michigan.”


And this home grown former NHL’er knows a little bit from his time here about creating an atmosphere of character, enthusiasm and success. Along with Anastos, Miller knows how valuable his time under legendary Coach Ron Mason was, “ I know how important Ron Mason and Sean Walsh were to me at that age. They brought such passion for the game and brought such energy to the rink.”


And Miller knows creating that same atmosphere they felt when they were Spartan Student-Athletes is the most critical element for development. They know very few athletes will make it to the next level, but they are going to push each athlete to be the best they can be, on and off the ice. Anastos and Miller have the NHL experience and what it takes to make it to the show, but also stay there and exceed far beyond draft day.


But ultimately, Miller’s passion for this University and its loyal fans will be the reason he and the rest of the Hockey program exceeds far beyond expectation. Simply put, when asked to describe this University he said “They wear their passion on their sleeves, and our family certainly does, and their great sports fans, they enjoy rooting for their teams.”


As I sat an listened to Kelly, I couldn’t help thing of a quote I heard from Ralph Waldo Emerson who once wrote, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Well if enthusiasm is vital for success, I expect nothing but the best for this staff and the addition of Miller only confirms it.


Kelly is of course a key part of the First Family of Spartan Hockey: the Miller family. He has the same attributes that seem standard with the entire group, a great mind for hockey, character, integrity and a work ethic.


If Ralph Waldo Emerson is right, along with the attributes of his lineage Kelly Miller will be a bigger hit in his return then he was as a super star the first time. Now that is saying a lot.